Category: Inner Growth Exercise of The Day

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 235 – Acceptance From The Heart Of What You Can’t Know

Exploring acceptance from the heart of what you can’t know; how this 50/50 chance in many life matters is something that every person deals with consciously or unconsciously; how inner growth helps you look at this truth from the heart and with the essence of you to finally find your inner peace and harmony with all possibilities and not knowing; how letting go of right or wrong furthers inner harmony and peace of mind, as well as complete acceptance from the heart and/or knowing when your heart still seeks answers and is not in acceptance yet; and how it’s an ever-evolving process that takes place from within on all life matters, “big or small”.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 234 – Leading Life With Flow, Love, and Lightness of Heart and Mind

Exploring leading life with flow, love, and lightness of heart and mind; how every person has this opportunity (to lead with these) when inner conflict arises; the beauty of the transformation that takes place and the inner growth that follows; the multilayered aspects to raising your consciousness to all; and why your inner self, heart, and the essence of you will lead you on this path as long as you tune in to all that comes from within (with love, curiosity and trust in life).

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 233 – Being Powerful or Powerless From Within and From The Heart

Exploring being powerful or powerless from within and from the heart; what this means in practice related to life; how inner growth gets you to face this choice consciously with love; and how uncertainty plays a constant role in this process that involves life choices from the heart, the essence of you, and your higher unlimited potential.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 232 – With What Eyes and Heart Do You See and Feel The World

Exploring raising your consciousness to: with what eyes and heart do you see and feel the world; the timing of this inner growth process and inner awareness component brought to light; the transformation you choose once you’ve awakened to this aspect that gets you to know you, your inner self, heart, and pursue the completion of you as you (the person, with your human elements), while bringing together the essence of you with the world (the external); and how this choosing of what you see and feel expands infinitely once you’re in the neutrality and unconditional love zone.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 231 – Neutrality Allows For A Middle Ground

Exploring how neutrality allows for a middle ground; how it works through duality in a way that creates unity from the divide thanks to the love, understanding, and value it gives to each side; how the recognition of opposites that exist and that can work together to bring forth something new without denying completely one side or another is a part of this neutrality; how making choices from the heart with love, understanding and unconditional love for the experience of life that is diverse and exciting because of our diversity and uniqueness plays a role; and why when neutrality is brought forth with love in our hearts for self and others (as they are in their essence and uniqueness) helps reach a middle ground for the benefit of the whole and not only one side or another side (which is what happens in duality with a divide).

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 230 – Raising Your Consciousness To Self-Empowerment

Exploring raising your consciousness to self-empowerment; how to deal with manipulation, narcissism, and other similar interactions or situations with inner growth in mind to take ownership of your inner power for your life choices, your emotions, your thought process; why your belief in your self-power makes the difference; how self-love and unconditional love play a role; and why no one can have any power over you unless you believe they can.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 229 – Staying Grounded With Your Highs

Exploring staying grounded with your highs; the continuous balance and harmony that you achieve thanks to life highs and grounding them; and how you bring together these opposites in the most amazing way through neutrality, inner growth, ascension, awakening to heart, and raising your consciousness to what takes place as you seek from within and with your heart, the essence of you, alongside the external of you; this way of staying high on life from the heart (your unique heart and essence) while staying grounded in life as well (the external world, others, opposites, opportunities for growth).

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 228 – Knowing That Not Knowing Is Always Part Of The Experience Of Life

Exploring knowing that not knowing is always part of the experience of life; the importance of this element in all your day-to-day explorations; why those things we take for granted are ones that get you to go in-depth even more on this component every human deals with (the unknown); and how inner growth helps you to raise your consciousness to not knowing as something you can transform into whatever experience you want with love in your heart for you and the external, and the unknown of life.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 227 – Identifying Who You Are From The Heart

Exploring identifying who you are from the heart; what this means in your day-to-day life; how inner growth helps you to have the inner conversations from the heart to voice who you are for you from within; what neutrality has to do with completely freeing yourself from external definitions and resolving inner hurts through self-love and complete heart-acceptance of you for who you are; and why this heart-felt identification of who you are leads to higher potential, inner wisdom, and consistent inner harmony and love from within and for the external.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 226 – What’s So Special About Living Life With An Open Heart

Exploring what’s so special about living life with an open heart; how it feels to keep an open heart in the forefront of your day-to-day awareness when things take place; the impact becoming your complete person from the heart has on being able to have an open heart; why neutrality is needed to feel an open heart consistently; and how inner growth gets you to practice having an open heart with you from within and the external, no matter what uncertainty or situation presents itself in life.