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Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 67 – Balancing Your Inner World With The Outer World

Exploring balancing your inner world with the outer world; the biggest challenges people face with this balancing and why; how inner growth gets you to overcome these challenges, find your inner core balance, and bring it forth in a way that also leads you to success in any endeavor (business or personal) you choose to embark on from the heart, the essence of you, your inner purpose brought forth in your life purpose; why you can achieve this unlimited potential through your pursuit of balance of your inner world with the outer world; how once you embrace your inner balance with the inner and outer world, the quality of life you lead and share with others is something that will leave you at awe every day more, and no longer be a cause of anything that takes you off-course or destabilizes your inner and outer harmony; and what will tell you that the expression of both to their utmost extent in the life you lead and the world you live in is finally at hand for you.


Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 66 – Removing Self-Doubt When Things Get Tough

Exploring removing self-doubt when things get tough; how inner growth gets you to make strides beyond the ordinary due to its foundation in validating the essence of you (inner core, heart, inner purpose, etc.) and the external (system, society, human condition, psychology, behavior, acquired thought processes, etc.) from the heart (your inner core); how as you pursue finding balance with the essence of you and the external (so without negating either), you replace self-doubt with inner-self learning, growth and unconditional love towards yourself and the world; insights into why self-doubt keeps popping up when things get tough; how raising your consciousness to your heart and inner purpose helps you to reconfirm beliefs from the essence of you, your inner core’s compass, the feelings that are a part of your everyday, and more; and how through an inner growth mindset you remove self-doubt by transforming it into the opportunity to grow your unlimited potential in your life and inner purpose’s heart-felt pursuits, both from within and without (meaning in the world around you, through what you do, your career and/or business, how you contribute to your society and family, be the light and love to inspire others, and so on).

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 65 – Releasing Deep Crippling Fears From The Heart

Exploring releasing deep crippling fears from the heart; different steps to releasing them from deep within in time (your unique timing); how an inner growth journey and mindset assist in releasing them from the depths of your inner core and heart, from the essence of you, through gained knowledge and expansion of your power for transformation; why only you can determine whether you will succeed in this intent completely or not, and how trough inner growth you acknowledge the never-ending journey of this transformation, as well as raise your awareness and consciousness to this power only you hold for your life; and why the essence of you, your inner core and heart, your intuitions and emotions, have to become valid for you (hold validity) to achieve this release from the heart tangibly.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 64 – Dealing With Worry and Anxiety Through Inner Growth

Exploring dealing with worry and anxiety through inner growth; how the journey and mindset bring you to expand the options you have in handling them and overcoming them; why support exists for these strong emotions and how when you find support that resonates with your inner growth journey it’s a major plus to letting go of worry and anxiety thoroughly from the heart; how the external and the inner conflicts that can be a source of worry and concern are a starting place for your opportunity to choose inner growth, unconditional love and self-trust; and how acceptance of the external, but knowing you can work with you, your emotions, and raising your awareness and consciousness in the moment, in the now, is always within the power you hold for transformation in your life, and with anything that comes your way.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 63 – Overcome One Of The Biggest Challenges To Inner Harmony

Exploring how to overcome one of the biggest challenges to inner harmony; the importance of individualism and groups; how the inner growth mindset and journey lead you to finding inner harmony with the two; the importance of neutrality in duality; why a holistic view of the individual and society as both separate yet one (a whole as a group too) is valuable when you include unconditional love and unity in the holistic view; why separateness is not beneficial to inner harmony; and why this search for harmony with individualism and the group is one of the biggest challenges for people trying to find themselves from the heart and bring that heart (the essence of you) forward in life to reach inner harmony in their every day.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 62 – Transitioning To A High Quality Of Life

Exploring transitioning to a high quality of life through inner growth; how quality of life is centered around emotions (consciously and unconsciously); why raising your consciousness to your emotions, to your inner core, to the essence of you is what leads to a high quality of life and how this completely changes your life in all areas; in what ways inner growth gets you to see the benefits that come from all your life choices; how this switch in mindset, in what you see and explore through inner growth gets you to uncover more of your life purpose from within, identify it completely and bring it forth practically in your life; and how there is never an end to how much more you can bring to the quality of your life, from the heart and in your day-to-day, through the things you do, the relationships you build and grow, the heart-felt practice you want to bring forth or the spiritual-based practice you’re running as a purpose-driven entrepreneur and want to grow, and so much more.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 61 – Finding Joy In The Unknown

Exploring finding joy in the unknown; how the inner growth process & journey get you to go deep within to find your joy for the unknown that you’re dealing with as part of the human condition existentialists have thoroughly talked about throughout the years of humanity’s history; what the unknown can be depending on your choice of focus; why there are no quick fixes to the fears of the unknown; & how thanks to making a switch in mindset you are able to take the step-by-step journey that brings you complete harmony of the essence of you and its ability to unfold unlimitedly through the exploration you go through every time you face the unknown.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 60 – Everything Begins And Ends With You

Exploring how everything begins and ends with you; your life is yours to build, direct, and experience in whatever way you’re inclined to do so; thanks to pursuing inner growth you gain harmony between what you feel and what comes to be; every impasse is a teacher for you thanks to an inner growth mindset and this makes you invincible in what you can and will achieve in life; how it starts with recognizing that you can choose what resonates within, with your inner core and heart, and that you don’t have to keep a perspective that holds you back, you aren’t a victim if you choose not to be; you are an unconditional heart-driven “warrior” who can reach any heights and inspire the same in others.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 59 – Overcoming Fear and Trusting Your Heart-felt Ideas Through Inner Growth

Exploring overcoming fear and trusting your heart-felt ideas through inner growth; in what ways your journey within gets you to express the essence of you in the things you do; how inner growth gets you to understand the foundation of your fear from a human perspective and a manageable one that also shows you the different solutions you hold within just by following your heart on those things; how growing trust of your heart-felt ideas can only happen by having a contrast/opposite to contemplate consciously, with awareness of the depths of you, your decision (to trust you or not); and how as you see the neutrality in duality of all things, you grow that gratitude towards what you let go of (that isn’t heart-felt or in tune with you), which allows you to appreciate it as you remove the fear, block, limit to your unlimited potential in bringing forth your heart-felt ideas to life.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 58 – Staying Connected To Our Humanity Through Inner Growth

Exploring staying connected to our humanity through inner growth; how this journey is set with the foundation of looking to the external to learn about your inner self, your inner core, your heart, the essence of you; why this realization and learning mindset gets you to stay connected, but also have unconditional love grow in time towards all (external, system, society); how your humanity brings you to contemplate opposites, neutrality in duality, and the importance of an inner growth mindset if you’re going to tap in to this truth from your heart to make a conscious choice from within, with what resonates with your inner core, the essence of you; and why without our humanity there would be no inner growth, no life consciousness or life experiences and choices to contemplate or make at all.