Inner Growth Thought of The Day 107 – A Story About Perspective

Two people can see the same situation with a different outcome based on what perspective each person holds.

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April 17

Inner Growth Thought of the Day: A Story About Perspective


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Two people can see the same situation with a different outcome based on what perspective each person holds.


A perspective where opportunity and going beyond the surface leads to endless possibilities, while the other fixed on what the surface seems to show as the outcome believe there is no different outcome than what they are seeing.


Here are different ways to keep your perspective in an inner growth mode, so you can always see the opportunities that lie before you thanks to going beyond the surface.


  1. When you are faced with what seems a dead-end, take five to ten minutes to write out why it is a dead-end. Evaluate what you wrote by asking yourself if there really is no other way around this “problem” or could it be that you are stuck in the way you want your outcome to look like and play out.  What is the essence of what you are trying to do and is there still a way for you to express that essence, just in a different format than you initially envisioned.


  1. Every week make a list describing the perspective you held in situations where challenges were presented. How many of these moments did you feel were proactive in that you were thinking of solutions versus inactive in that you were only seeing roadblocks?  For all your roadblocks, take five minutes to find a proactive solution.


  1. Use three words to describe the essence of your perspective towards life and your goals. Every year add to that list and next to the words you listed already, write out one experience where that essence of your perspective played out.


Your turn – Share your inner growth thought of the day, a sentence, life examples, or action steps you take with new beginnings 😊

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