Inner Growth Thought of The Day 56 – Being Vulnerable

February 25

Inner Growth Thought of the Day: Being Vulnerable


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Being vulnerable is something people talk about, go through, and explore at lengths with the external components first; while inner focus (to understand one’s own feelings and reactions to being vulnerable) is not as predominant.


When your attention is finally brought to look within yourself on being vulnerable: you are able to understand the depths of how you deal with vulnerability, what solutions help you in the moment and how to learn more about you through those moments of vulnerability, as well as what ways you can transform and/or change the situation (the vulnerability feeling you have within).


Here are some ways you can keep your focus on your inner self and being vulnerable so that you may pursue inner growth as you go through these moments.


  1. Make a list of two to five words that describe how you feel about being vulnerable. For each word think of ways you have learned from these moments, these feelings, and write out what you learned about yourself.


  1. If you find yourself focusing on other people’s vulnerabilities, turn your attention inward and ask yourself why you are concerned with this matter, as well as how is it affecting you personally.


  1. Identify if you judge being vulnerable, if you hold it against yourself in the moment; and when this is the case, pose this question to yourself: if it were a loved one who was feeling this way, what would you say to them (would it be to judge themselves, would it be to be kind to themselves, or something else), and then take your own advice.



Your turn – Share your inner growth thought of the day, a sentence, life examples, or action steps you take with new beginnings 😊


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