Inner Growth Thought of The Day 48 – Social Validation & Image

February 17

Inner Growth Thought of the Day: Social Validation & Image


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Understanding how social validation and image affects our self-image and actions is something that helps each person to arrive at letting go fully of this need of this external input that doesn’t get you to be authentic or lead from the heart, so stops you from inspiring your highest potential and growing from the heart.


Realizing that everybody has an image they want to portray and faces doubts with social validation and image is the awareness that can stop you from doubting yourself and doing things that are in reaction to thinking this will appease your doubts.


Here are some ways to work towards releasing the habit of doing things based on social validation and image and focusing on your heart message and authentic self.


  1. When doubt creeps in on something you’re doing or how you see yourself in that day, list 5 reasons why you feel it is right for you and 5 reasons why you’re doubting it. For each reason that brings doubt find a valid reason for that doubt that doesn’t come from external sources (others).


  1. Every day be aware of the image you portray and look to how it feels with your heart, if it completely resonates with you and is authentic to your intent, essence, who you are. If there is any moment in that day where it does not feel right to your true self, ask yourself what you can do to change this moving forward and understand why you chose to go against what felt right in the first place.


  1. Once a day ask yourself one question regarding how social validation influences your choices, doubts, feelings, and/or anything you realize social validation has an effect on with your inner self and in your life. For the question asked, explore how you can move toward self-love, inner growth, and removal of self-doubt. Then apply your solutions and reevaluate them when or if the same questions come up so that you can reconsider another way you want to attempt facing this situation.


Your turn – Share your inner growth thought of the day, a sentence, life examples, or action steps you take with new beginnings 😊


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