Inner Growth Thought of The Day 22 – Things Don’t Happen By Chance

January 22

Inner Growth Thought of the Day: Things Don’t Happen By Chance


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Even though perspective influences what you see when things happen, typically when you look back at all the things that came to be (before that moment when you’re looking back), you find that nothing really seems to have happened by chance.  You see how every action taken, how every event, how every part of your past was important for you in becoming who you are today and reaching a place where you could succeed and be complete in what you need to do or want to do or want to be in that moment.


When you look back, even those incidents that seemed “negative” have a place in your puzzle and played a role in your aha moments, expanded thought processes or in-depth knowledge of human interaction, and so on.  Nothing happens by chance when you see how they are connected to you, your life and your inner growth.


Here are some ways to connect the dots of those things that seem to happen by chance, but that mean a lot more to your journey.


  1. In the moment, when something is playing out that you feel isn’t “right” for you, remove your judgement and allow the event to complete its course first; then look for your takeaways and lessons.


  1. Once a day think of one takeaway and step forward for your journey that took place thanks to something that happened in the past that seemed irrelevant or “negative” at the time it happened. This daily reminder will keep you knowing how sometimes you can’t see what the event playing out means to your journey, until later.


  1. List one way you always takeaway from anything that happens in your life and how you work to expand that gift each day more.


Your turn – Share your inner growth thought of the day, a sentence, life examples, or action steps you take with new beginnings 😊


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