Inner Growth Thought of The Day 21 – Learning From Resistance

January 21

Inner Growth Thought of the Day: Learning From Resistance


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When you feel resistance, you can learn from it if you expand what’s in front of you by taking notice of your resistance and asking yourself why there is this pull back, what is the deeper meaning and reason for the contrast you’re facing in that moment, and how can you work with yourself and what you have in front of you so as to bring a positive end result.


As long as you bring awareness to your resistance and look within (inside, inner self) for more, you will learn from the situation because you allow for more variables to take part and be seen by you.  With more options, reasons, understanding, there is more opportunity for you to make the best of a situation instead of creating limits by stopping at that pull back (resistance) feeling.


Here are some ways you can increase awareness of resistance and pause to reflect, evaluate, and expand.


  1. Any time you feel pull back to a thought, opinion, situation; stop and ask why. Don’t be satisfied with your first answer, ask a follow up one and pay attention to what happens to that tug feeling when you continue digging.


  1. When there’s a choice to be made where you feel that resistance present, make a list of pros and cons with what you’re facing. Next make the same list, but in that perfect scenario (for you) situation.  Now bring the two lists together and make them work with what you have (the situation at hand with all the variables).


  1. You want to remove the tug feeling in the moment so that you can explore the situation at hand with a sense of calm. So, when you become aware of that tug feeling, in the moment, bring in a feeling of openness and calm.  To do this, think of a situation where you felt open and calm and allow those feelings to replace the tug ones.


Your turn – Share your inner growth thought of the day, a sentence, life examples, or action steps you take with new beginnings 😊


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