Inner Growth Thought of The Day 20 – Social Construction & You

January 20

Inner Growth Thought of the Day: Social Construction & You


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How social construction and definitions affect you and what role they play in your life, depend on how aware you are of what your definitions are, as well as the depths you go to understand those definitions and own them as yours.


Everyone starts with society’s definitions as the foundation for identifying themselves and others, but there comes a time when you realize that those definitions aren’t the sole truths; and that you get to choose what definitions stand for you, in your life, and how you see the world.


Coexistence with social construction and definitions can happen while you also take power to define your own success, happiness, and inner harmony for your life.  Here are some ways that you can work with yourself to uncover the deeper meaning of definitions to you and decide if you want to take ownership or not.


  1. It’s easy to say you define yourself, but to truly know if it is your definition that stands or everyone else’s you want to pay close attention to how you feel when you state who you are to you. Notice any mixed feeling or feeling that brings you away from a blissful feeling and ask yourself why there’s this disconnect in what you say and how you feel about it.


  1. At the end of a day or each week make a list that describes what you’ve found out the feelings associated to your definitions of important things to you, your life, and how you see yourself. For everything you list put next to it how it differs from society’s definitions or how it is the same.


  1. Once a day notice at least one statement you’ve made that is based on a social definition of that thing, situation, thought, person and so on. Next explore why you made the statement and if it is true to you in the absence of society.


Your turn – Share your inner growth thought of the day, a sentence, life examples, or action steps you take with new beginnings 😊


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