What’s so special about friendship and friends

There’s that saying about how you don’t pick your family, but you pick your friends, or something along those lines; and friendship is one of those amazing gifts that life gives us.  What’s so special about friendship is the unconditional love you have for one another when that friendship is meaningful and like family.  Friends can help you when you’re down and they can lift you up even more on those beautiful days.  What is friendship?  Where to start…

Friendship is having someone who understands you and even when they don’t, they want to understand; and they do their best to listen so that they can get what you’re trying to communicate.  Like in any relationship that is love, the pure kind of love, it doesn’t involve expectations or give and take; rather, it’s acceptance of who you have in front of you as they are.  It’s seeing “flaws” as “virtues” (so to speak) and smiling at the little quirks that take place.  This type of relationship happens when both people are in a happy place within.  When someone is a friend not because they need a friend, but because that friendship adds to them and their life.

Supporting each other through whatever life throws your way isn’t an easy task.  The same way life-time companionship goes through ups and downs being that two unique individuals are trying to build a life together, so does friendship.  The friendships that last are those where communication is abundant and clear, where neither person tries to impose themselves and their perspective on the other.  Sometimes friendships make this easier because each person is living their own life, so certain important life decisions aren’t involved.  The only things you decide with friends is where to meet, what to do, when to chat, and things of this nature.

It’s great to have these types of relationships because they can be that neutral party, the ones you talk to about anything and everything because that’s what friends do.  They can help you see clearly in a moment of confusion, and they are the ones you call on to go out, just because.  Of course, they love you so much, they could be biased when it comes to some things; but all that matters is that they have your best interest in mind and your happiness in the forefront.  You can’t go wrong if all you want is someone’s happiness.  Friendship is that special gift that life gives us.  Treasure it and make the best of those special moments!

What’s your take on friendship and how special it is?


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