What does it really mean to get unstuck

Getting unstuck is something I’m sure we’ve all heard about and experienced; but before we can talk about getting unstuck, we should look at what it really means to get stuck.

As is with most things, our mind plays a huge role in this entire stuck/unstuck ordeal.  Are there situations in life where we feel like we can’t move forward or maybe that we can’t control and so we feel stuck, sure there are.  But since life is always in motion and transforming are we really stuck or is it that we feel stuck?

Some would argue that you can really be stuck, and essentially, since how we feel about a situation makes all the difference; it doesn’t matter if you’re really stuck or not, the feeling of helplessness accompanies that moment.  The best thing you can do in these moments is to remember that there’s always something you can do.  This doesn’t mean you’ll get unstuck from a specific situation immediately, but having a mindset that keeps you active will give you hope and strength to do something about your situation.

After acknowledging that there is something you can do to try and get unstuck, your mind will be open to finding solutions for your situation.  This openness brings you to feeling a lot less helpless, which is why you can think up solutions to what you want to do so that you can go from being stuck to unstuck.

As long as you find hope within yourself, you will always be able to get unstuck from any situation; but in order to stay on that path you must also realize your expectations in these moments of struggle.  Typically, individuals want something to be a certain way or to play out in a way that they envisioned.  This also influences those feelings of being stuck.  If you recognize your expectations in these moments you remove another barrier from being stuck and once again, give yourself the chance to be open to different solutions because your mindset isn’t stuck in what you expected and wanted from that situation or person.

Getting unstuck from a sticky situation can be a real pain, but always remember that you have life at your side.  Nothing is permanent necessarily, there’s always something you can do to get yourself out of a situation or change the circumstances at hand.  If this is true for you too and you are able to apply it, then those stuck moments will become a lot lighter to deal with, and it’ll be much easier to get unstuck because your starting position is from a place of change as a constant and with the knowledge that you have the power to do something about the situation.

How do you get unstuck in those sticky life moments?  I’d love to hear about it 🙂


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