The truth about inconsistency and being inconsistent

Every day is a beautiful day when you realize you get to contemplate, appreciate and live life; and it is also filled with thought provoking moments that come from interacting with people, situations, and thoughts; ultimately, with life and the external.  Today is one of those days where a number of situations have reminded me of the tendency for so many people, entities, and life externals to be inconsistent in what they say and do, how they lead life, what their end results are, and so on.

It’s not that people speak words they do not mean when inconsistency reveals itself; they mean what they say very much so.  If you talk to any inconsistent individual you’ll see in their eyes, the sincerity behind their message, the feelings they have with that thought they just expressed, that decision they want to make, or that lifelong plan they want to pursue.  The problem is following through with what they speak; and it’s not just people in their day to day life or interactions with others that hold inconsistency.

You see inconsistency in business with how they say they want to treat their employees versus how they actually treat them or how about leaders who claim they’re out there to help people become their own person, yet their teachings are anything from teaching someone to be themselves, it’s more of a follow my system and then you’ll be successful.  The inconsistent people, do mean what they say from their heart, but they don’t see the inconsistency or better yet, they find a way to make their decisions make sense.

Obviously, we can all do that and most of us have at some point or another; but we can also catch ourselves when doing it and stop the pattern.  The truth behind inconsistency or an inconsistent person is that they’re not really following through with what’s in their heart.  It may not make sense in words, but you know how you can tell the difference between genuine and not genuine?  It’s the same deal with a person who’s being inconsistent with what they really feel.  It’s more noticeable on the outside than on the inside because the reality is that the inconsistent person is not pursuing what they really feel for some reason.

Maybe they’re scared of the outcome, maybe they don’t realize they really don’t want things to go that way, maybe they think they have no other option; but whatever their reason when someone points out to them the inconsistency they find a million reasons why that is not so, which means the end outcome, thought, desire, plan, and so forth isn’t something they want bad enough or there’s something else they want more, even if that something else is a sense of belonging or security that comes from the outside.

Inconsistency means not following through with something and there’s always a reason behind this decision, whether conscious or unconscious.  It’s ok to not want something and to not follow through with it, but it would be good if inconsistent people would bring to their awareness that it is ok.  It would make their life so much easier and it would probably also stop them from being so inconsistent.  The thing is, because they do believe the things they say with their heart and they really want them, they also believe they’re trying to pursue them.  However, where there’s a will, there’s a way; and if the end result tends to be the opposite of what one says or does a majority of the time, then the tendency is inconsistency.  This tendency translates to a stopper for these individuals, a stopper that is greater than what their heart or mind is telling them they want.  This is a sign that inconsistent people could actually use to understand why there’s this disconnect within them; but until that exploration comes about, the way will be inconsistency.

To those of you who deal with inconsistency on a day to day basis; share love and comfort with these individuals, and use the situations for your own internal contemplation, inner growth, and consistency or inconsistency barometer (make sure you’re not inconsistent and thinking you are consistent).

What do you find is the truth behind inconsistency and inconsistent people?  What have you learned from those situations and dealing with these types of individuals?


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