The inner growth that can come from a compromise

The beauty of thought and self-exploration in the pursuit of inner growth and/or balance and harmony in life is the limitless possibilities you have.  What angle you can take on anything you’re thinking about goes beyond our imagination.  And thanks to the world that surrounds you, you are able to see, integrate or compare different perspectives, which all help you to expand that limitless potential you have.  In this amazing experience, compromises are also something that can make you reflect, grow and expand your perspective.

As you’ve noticed if you follow my blog, I updated my profile picture.  Now, as an online marketer, brand consistency is key.  So, the profile picture you see here, has been placed on all the social profiles where I am actively involved.  Why am I bringing this up?  I’m bringing this up because the picture to me represented a compromise (to me).  The day I updated all my pics, I kind of felt sad about having to do that and as I felt this feeling, I stopped and told myself that this thought of mine, that changing my picture was a compromise, the fact that I felt sad about it, indicated something that I should think about for my inner growth.

How does it relate to inner growth?  Well, whenever we feel like we’ve lost something there’s an opportunity to explore our own through process and to release whatever it is we’re holding on to.  In this case, the idea that one image of me represents me more than another shows me holding on to a judgement of my own on image.  In the grand scheme of things, is it really worth pursuing this thought process?  Some would say, this is overthinking and a waste of time.  I find it to be quite the opposite when you’re looking to know yourself in and out, when you’re looking to find balance on all levels so that you can pursue a life where you’re always learning, loving and living to the depths of your being.

Compromises indicate that we have a thought on a decision, a thought that puts into question values, ideas, perspectives, and judgements in regards to a particular situation.  We identify ourselves in one way and are being put on the spot to make a decision, one that might involve something we don’t want to do or something we want to be sure we are ok with doing.  There will be many compromises in our life, and the final decision should always be what resonates with you the most.  However, as one is going through the moment of thinking it out, it is also worth exploring if we feel this is a compromise for a judgement or thought that we’re applying on ourselves and not necessarily a compromise of value in the real sense that it puts in jeopardy our person.

No matter the outcome of your compromise, the part that is helpful here to your inner growth is actually taking the opportunity to ask yourself some deep questions on why you’re feeling that way about this situation and what you consequently can learn about yourself.  If the compromise you’re facing isn’t harmful to you or others, but essentially involves a thought, an opinion on something, this is where you can understand what thought and categorization you apply on this situation that is taking place.

When all is said and done, you will have still made that compromise, but thinking about it will have given you the opportunity to release this categorization you’re holding on to or come to be fully aware of how you see that specific thing or situation.

Inner growth is limitless like our thoughts and perspectives.  It’s always about how far we choose to go, what we choose our limits to be or not to be.  So, here’s a question for you, what’s one of the compromises that you’ve made that really hit you hard?  Did you ever dive deep into it to try and understand yourself?  If yes, what did you find out about yourself in the process and what did you let go of or fully own?


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