Tag: Inner Growth

Inner Growth Word of The Day 135 – Contradiction

A contradiction enacted by you gives you room for exploration in what you think, say and/or do because you are the one who puts the opposite into action, or even if not the exact opposite, you do something that goes against another thing you said or thought. This type of insight into yourself allows you to find the truth of what you believe, think or say regarding the specific incident where contradiction was present. Inner growth is obtained as you reach the truth of these thoughts and beliefs and put them into action too, therefore removing your contradictions.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 134 – Misunderstood

When you are misunderstood, you have two areas that you can explore and in doing so pursue inner growth: one is your reaction to being misunderstood and the other is your communication. Both bring about the act of you understanding a number of things about yourself…

Inner Growth Word of The Day 132 – Passion

Since passion can be ignored only so long before it causes great unease within you, it is one of those great indicators of what your ‘self’ wants to achieve or obtain. Exploring each of these passions with in mind the external factors that influence you, so really digging deep to understand if the passion is from your own heart or just an idea put in your mind (by someone or something); helps inner growth since it means not only ensuring the passions you’re pursuing are yours truly, but also eliminating those passions that aren’t yours or at least understanding where they really come from.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 131 – Ego

Even though ego tends to get a bad rap, we wouldn’t be who we are without it. Diving into our ego helps us to see ourselves and in seeing you can pursue inner growth because you see what you like or would like to change or what you can accept about who you are. Without awareness of your ego, you can not completely pursue inner growth.

Let’s talk about facing your fears and inner growth

When it comes to fears, we all have them. Some people seem to easily overcome them, others think they have overcome them and still others have a hard time overcoming them. When you’re looking to find yourself, and follow your heart, your fears have a bit of a hold on you and this can be frustrating. So, why is it that even though you’re on a path towards self-completion it’s so hard to get past those fears or why is it that when you think you’ve overcome them, they come back…

Inner Growth Word of The Day 130 – Failure

Failure is something that assists inner growth because it is in these moments that we bring to the forefront our issues with ourselves, our life, our fears, and so on. In these moments, reflecting on each of these things allows you to explore why this is how you feel and think, as well as what you want to do about it. Failure also allows you to see what else you need to do to continue your pursuit of whatever project or thing you’re working on.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 129 – Peaceful

Taking an approach to life that looks to include peaceful feelings from within assists inner growth because to find a peaceful feeling one must first explore feelings of turmoil or conflict. As one explores the feelings of agitation this allows to uncover hidden thoughts and/or fears, which bring about answers to those thoughts and/or fears. This exploration also allows for steps to be taken in order to overcome those troubled thoughts and/or fears.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 128 – Internal input

When you pay close attention to an internal input you can find out things about what you really want to do or what you’re truly thinking. This type of knowledge allows you to pursue choices that are in tune with you or at the very least, make you aware of what you want and/or think from the inside. In this way inner growth is pursued because your inputs are at the forefront of your mind and this means you can change direction or make a choice solely based on you.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 127 – Harmony

Harmony and inner growth go hand in hand because as you look to whether or not you are in harmony within (with the choices you make in life, with your thoughts, with your surroundings, everything that is part of your life and you) you pursue inner growth choices to achieve harmony where you find discord.