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Inner Growth Thought of The Day 10 – When Evolution Happens

The evolution of things takes place gradually in our life; whether this evolution involves a project, business growth, inner growth, personal transformation, or a major change in life, and so on. It is because of the gradual evolution of things that it is challenging to see the role every moment and interaction plays on bringing about the evolution that is going to take place.

Inner Growth Thought of The Day 9 – That Which Is Intangible

If you can’t see it, will you believe it? This is the opening question to the intangible topic, which so many sense and yet also ignore. Every person has that gut feeling or a calling from the heart, but since it isn’t as clearly defined as a societal chosen path,

Inner Growth Thought of The Day 8 – What You Trust Changes Things

The decisions we make on a day-to-day carry a certain level of thought, and therefore, a certain level of weight to them. What lifts this weight is the trust you have in things, in you, and/or in life. Trust is that feeling of lightness and knowledge that everything will work out; and each person has something they trust in.

Inner Growth Thought of The Day 7 – Maintaining Focus Within

How do you keep focus within (inside of you) when you encounter external inputs (dealing with people and situations)? This is one of those questions that I get various answers to and that is quite the challenge since living life means external inputs at all times, which also means initial reacting to things and so a first inclination to focus on what is outside of you.

Inner Growth Thought of The Day 6 – Ignorance Is Bliss, Or Is It?

Ignorance is bliss when one is satisfied with stopping at the surface and as long as that surface (what you are told) doesn’t cause any inner discomfort or discord. It is also bliss to those who view the in-depth components of things, of humans, of life, as something “heavy” to explore and not something that assists the pursuit of inner growth and harmony.

Inner Growth Thought of The Day 5 – Frustration Does What For You?

When you’re in a moment of frustration, it is a bit challenging to take a step back and see the lesson from the experience you’re living in that moment. Since every interaction you have tells you something about you, others, and life; when you stay focused on the frustration component in these situations, you are not in a mode to also see the rest.

Inner Growth Thought of The Day 4 – Following Your Logic

When it comes to your logic, you may find it to be considered illogical at times by others; but this does not mean that definition needs to be taken as your own truth and application. Time, history, human evolution, all these things show how those who thought and think outside of the box are those who bring about innovation….

Inner Growth Thought of The Day 3 – Second Guessing Your Instincts

When you think about your instincts and how many times you second guess them there’s probably a number of scenarios that run through your mind (anything from getting an incorrect answer to an exam question to making a purchasing choice on something you want to buy later than in the moment you thought of buying it).

Inner Growth Thought of The Day 2 – The Beauty of Shadows

When you think of shadows, at first you may be weary of them; this is due to the cultural knowledge shared with us on shadows and what they are or what they could mean or what feeling they provoke. Knowing the component culture plays in our initial reaction to shadows, shows the power you have on the beauty behind a shadow depending on your personal perspective and mind.