Author: Maria Florio

Dealing with family friction and finding the hidden lessons that lead to harmony

After writing the blog post on dealing with unpleasant ego driven people, it came to mind how much harder this is when the situation involves a loved one. It’s easier to remove yourself and take an objective look at the person you’re dealing with when the individual isn’t someone who’s a part of your day to day life and…

Dealing with unpleasant ego driven people and finding the hidden lessons

“Every interaction with another person can be an opportunity to grow and share love” ~ FNM I start this blog post with this statement because I’ve found it to be true with every interaction I’ve had; from the most pleasant of interactions to the least pleasant ones. Focusing on this truth or better stated, making this my natural reaction to interactions, particularly unpleasant ones, was a process…

Transforming challenges into opportunities

Any situation always has the potential of being an opportunity to further inner growth.  However, that’s easy to say when it comes to pleasant situations and people we encounter along the way.  It becomes another story when you’re faced with challenges like people that tick you off or situations that cause us pain or worry.

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Moving beyond positive and negative judgements

Along this journey called life there are some that have a positive outlook, while others a negative one. Even though I use these words, I do not believe they embody the true essence of what a positive or negative outlook entail. Actually, I don’t believe they embody much, except for an initial thought that can bring about further exploration into that outlook.

What’s your identity and why is it important

When it comes to inner growth, identity plays a major role. It’s fundamental because if you don’t have a clear idea of your identity how can you really pursue inner growth? Identity helps you to identify the growth you’ve made or the growth you’d like to achieve, or even the growth you don’t want to make.

An inspirational talk on tech and meaningful relationships, but there’s more

There’s an unmeasurable beauty behind the era our world is in and heading towards. It’s one where boundaries no longer exist, distances aren’t as noticeable as they used to be, and people from different countries with different and similar interests can connect more and more; more than they ever could before. The world of technological and digital advancements is not as cold and impersonal as some make it out to be.

Let’s talk about inner growth

The Beauty of Humanity - Photo by FNM

Interestingly enough or maybe common knowledge, inner growth is a highly researched topic.  There is no doubt as to why.  We all want to grow, and by grow I mean pursue our highest potential and have full clarity as to who we are so that we can lead a happier and more harmonious life. Why

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Personalization isn’t easy but it isn’t impossible

Personalization, everyone talks about it, but how many actually put it into practice? As a marketer and consumer, I have seen different levels of personalization. With colleagues we’re always exchanging ideas on best practice, while as a consumer I get email after email or message after message that is slightly personalized sometimes, but seriously not personalized at all.

Challenges and solutions to letting go

We’ve all heard it from someone before or we’ve told someone this: let it go. In our best moments it comes easy to let go, but it’s when you’re at our lowest or when something really, really bothers you that letting go becomes quite challenging. It’s a work in progress for those who really want to let go and for those who are not ready, it’s a repeat saying they may tell themselves or hear.