May’s full moon experiences and June 5D ascension energies (Updated)

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Hello my fellow Lightworkers! In honor of today’s full moon, I thought I’d share another post on what could be going on with the amazing 5D energies we’re coming across based on my experiences and those others have shared with me as today approached.  I also want to share a source to get you ready for June’s 5D energy transmissions. 😊


As is the case with these ascension energies, everyone has different feelings coming about, different events taking place, and what could seem as repeat events or patterns and circumstances.

Depending on how long you’ve been on your ascension journey and how much “denser” energy you’ve already released, you’ll either be going through something amazing and slightly uncomfortable or something quite challenging and uncomfortable.


For slightly uncomfortable and amazing, it means recognizing those repeat patterns and “denser” energies as the opportunities they are, which means experiencing the repeat patterns with a “lighter” energy (so continuing your release of the “denser” energies) and tuning in to your core (soul self, higher self) so that you may continue following your intuition and heart on the matters that are presenting themselves.


The uncomfortable part of what’s going on involves those ascension symptoms as you expand and go through the 5D energy transformation.  On the bright side, you might also be experiencing some very opportune encounters, synchronicities, and intuitive guidance that are leading you to your next steps on the things you’re working towards in your life.


If you have more “denser” energies to release then your challenges and uncomfortable situations could involve going through a really tough time emotionally (maybe even physically due to energy blockages); maybe repeat clashes with the same people; being let down by others in a different way, but for the same reasons; arguments arising with co-workers; dealing with fears like panic attacks or worries about your job or a loved one; or maybe you’re not sleeping well and having some very vivid dreams that could seem nightmares or just plain confusing.


These are just some examples of how you could be going through 5D energy shift transformation in the physical sense (earthly realm).  In essence, each time we are ascending we’re faced with situations that get us to consider letting go of past ways of thinking that aren’t in tune with our inner core and love; or situations that lead us to come to terms with things we’re holding on to; or if we’re not following our heart (trusting it to guide us in the right direction) to be faced with that same decision once more so that this time you may follow what your core (soul self, higher self) is telling you.


As June approaches you can look forward to more of these situations (opportunities), which is why I thought to share Andrew Martin’s YouTube video on June’s energy transmission:  June Energy Transmission – The Feeling IS the Understanding


He does a really great job at sharing with you some notions of what to expect and how to navigate what you will encounter, which is always helpful since knowing leads to you not finding yourself surprised or lost in the moment; and it adds that extra insight that can help you through those interesting, yet potentially uncomfortable, ascension symptoms and situations.


In the hopes that the post helps you take the opportunities being presented to you during these 5D energy transformation times and turn them into love and light ❤


PS For more summer ascension energy 2018 updates, here’s a YouTube video by Victor Oddo, sharing with you some information and helpful tips: Summer Ascension Energy 2018 – (5 Tips To Help You THRIVE!)

Here’s another video by Victor for June Ascension Energies: 5 Things To Know About The JUNE Ascension Energy – 2018

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