Inner Growth Thought of The Day 45 – All You Need Is Love, Self-Love

February 14

Inner Growth Thought of the Day: All You Need Is Love, Self-Love


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The importance of self-love to leading a life that is in harmony with you, your heart and inner growth is fundamental.  The thing is, behind our self-love, there are a number of layers of why some of us have more of it and others less.


However, no matter the level of self-love, once you seek to gain knowledge of it and aim to give yourself the same love you share with others, that is when self-love becomes a constant (because you seek to maintain it now that you are aware of it).  As your self-love stabilizes and grows it then integrates into your journey helping you to overcome obstacles and challenges, and completely transforming your mindset to embrace the learning behind your life experiences.


Here are some ways to keep self-love in the forefront and make it a part of your inner growth journey.


  1. Take 5 minutes in the morning to look at anything that came to mind about yourself in the past days or weeks that you had mixed feelings about. Give yourself a pep-talk and get to the bottom of why the mixed feelings. Close your 5 minutes by genuinely sending yourself self-love because no matter what, you are still a most beautiful person (no one is “perfect”).


  1. When you think of the love you have for yourself what feelings arise. Make a list of them and explore them all. Try to understand how your past and present environment play a role in these feelings, and how your self-love plays a role in them.


  1. Every time you think you’ve made a mistake, take 10 minutes to ensure you’re not beating yourself up about it, to give yourself some love, and to look to solutions for this thing you consider a mistake.


Your turn – Share your inner growth thought of the day, a sentence, life examples, or action steps you take with new beginnings 😊


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