Inner Growth Thought of The Day 41 – The Blame Game

February 10

Inner Growth Thought of the Day: The Blame Game


Tune in to the Inspiring Human Potential podcast on Anchor to hear more on the topic 😊


Whether out loud or in your head, we’ve all participated in the blame game.  For those who have been on an inner growth journey for some time, they’ve moved way passed the initial phases of this scenario, while others may be still fully immersed.


The problem with the blame game is that it keeps you focused on the external (others or situations), doesn’t get you to think about your role and you (your inner self) in a situation, and energy is spent on something outside of you and not in a learning mindset kind of energy, in an energy that repeats itself.


Here are some tips to help you break the blame game cycle and to look at things (interactions, people, situations) with that learning mindset as you pursue inner growth.


  1. Every time you blame someone or something, turn inward and find what and how you contributed to that circumstance and/or situation.


  1. Keep in mind experiences where you were blamed by someone for something wrong in their life or for something going badly. How did you feel about this? What did you think? Did you feel responsible even though you weren’t? Explore those situations to remember that there’s always two sides to something.


  1. When you catch yourself thinking about who’s to blame for something going wrong in your life, bring your thoughts and energy to explore what solutions you have for that something you want to fix in your life.


Your turn – Share your inner growth thought of the day, a sentence, life examples, or action steps you take with new beginnings 😊


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