Inner Growth Thought of The Day 27 – Reaching Balance

January 27

Inner Growth Thought of the Day: Reaching Balance


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Reaching balance is always an interesting part of the journey we experience as we pursue inner growth.  As you become aware of all that is a part of you from within and without (the external), you look to find ways to get all the pieces to fit with your heart and the essence that is you and that you uncover as you look within and find out more about all that you are.


Balance is how you get to be aware of all that is going on as it is going on and a way you experience every emotion in a more profound and harmonious way.  While living different extremes seems at a first glance more impactful, after having been through both extremes and arriving at a balance consciously you get to feel the extremes in a way that benefits your inner growth and the balance you have achieved enables you to find out even more about you and each extreme.


Here are some ways to pursue reaching balance in moments of extremes.


  1. When you experience an emotional pull that overwhelms you, take a moment to breath, become fully aware of that emotion and release it to the world around you. Do this for a couple minutes or as long as you need until you feel that sensation of overwhelmed emotion is now dialed down for a moment to reflect on all that’s going on.


  1. Whatever the situation you’re facing, now that you are in a moment of calm, list what is causing the emotional rise and what you can do to help yourself in the moment so that you can transform that emotion in something that helps you in the moment.


  1. Daily look at your extreme emotional moments or tendencies and visualize different ways you find you can help yourself keep balance moving forward, then put those into practice until you arrive at that balance in the moment.


Your turn – Share your inner growth thought of the day, a sentence, life examples, or action steps you take with new beginnings 😊


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