Inner Growth Thought of The Day 14 – The Awe Of Differences

January 14

Inner Growth Thought of the Day: The Awe Of Differences


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Depending on the level of exposure you get to people from different parts of the world, doing business around the globe and interacting with people from diverse backgrounds and with their individual perspectives; you realize more and more how one life experience can be so different depending on the place you’re experiencing it in and on the person or people involved in that experience, in addition to your own perspective and ways.


The awe of differences is becoming aware, on a much grater scale, how your way of seeing things and dealing with things is one out of many.  This is empowering when you are on an inner growth journey because it confirms to you that you are the captain of your ship, of your thoughts and of the world around you.  It is also amazing because once in that learning mindset you see the depth behind each life experience, interaction and situation.  The depth of what you acquire from these differences never ceases to amaze you when you approach them in an inquisitive way.


Here are some ways you can keep that inner growth inclination and awe of differences in the forefront.


  1. Be aware of your reactions when you are faced with a different behavior, mindset or action by pausing to reflect before you make any final decisions that come to mind in those first couple seconds of interaction.


  1. Ask yourself why you think you are reacting that way and if your reaction is based on culture, opinions, stigmas, stereotypes, all those things that influence you. If you are honest with yourself, you will always find that your perspective has something to do with your reaction.


  1. With the awareness of your own perspective you want to remove it so that you can enter a learning mindset and be able to step into another’s shoes or into a situation from neutral ground, enabling you to understand the differences you are facing without your personal judgement and inclinations tainting these.


Your turn – Share your inner growth thought of the day, a sentence, life examples, or action steps you take with new beginnings 😊


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