Exploring your feelings

When you’re happy or sad or angry, do you ever think about that feeling and explore it?  By explore it, I don’t mean focusing on what just happened and your reaction; I mean diving into it with words that bring about an explosion of feelings and that lead you into a state of presence of that feeling.  A state of presence because by focusing your attention on what you’re feeling in that moment you are living that feeling and nothing else.

It’s very hard to focus on the feeling versus the events that happened to bring about that feeling; and maybe it’s not feasible to think that a person can only feel the feeling without the rest, but even for a brief moment it is possible.  It’s possible thanks to our ability to focus our minds and for the words we have available to describe a feeling.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been amazed at the number of words that can express something.  At the same time, I’ve found one word doesn’t always encompass the entirety of something I’m trying to express, especially a feeling.  It might be for this reason that I always use more than one word to get my feelings across or to try my best to share the feeling I’m having with someone, even with myself.  This exercise has brought me to attribute synonyms and descriptions to my feelings when I’m feeling joy or sadness or gratefulness.  For as long as I do this, I am in that moment and the feeling gets bigger and bigger.  Not bigger as in heavier, bigger like a bright light that gets brighter and brighter every added word I use, and that ends up making me feel full of that feeling.

Obviously, the feelings that make my heart smile are much nicer to do this exercise with, but I’ve also found it helpful to do it with those feelings that do the opposite.  Thanks to the word feeling exploration I’ve been able to experience that sadness or anger fully, as well as share it in a way that ended up helping me to understand, let go, and move on.

By thinking of the feeling with different words that are used for the purpose of describing that feeling to yourself (or someone), you repeatedly feel the feeling as you think the words because it’s the feeling that is your inspiration.  By describing your feeling, you are focusing on it and it alone, which then allows you to experience it without distractions.

Even though this may seem like a waste of time to some, it’s quite beautiful when put in practice for those who appreciate every feeling they get to experience while alive.  Also, for the not so happy feelings, this type of exercise can lead to a full emotional release of the feeling, as well as give an opportunity to continue exploring the feeling by integrating into the mix questions that lead to understanding your feelings for the purpose of finding a resolution that can calm what’s going on.

The limitless nature of our exploring potential as humans can lead to feeling a feeling to the utmost heights, as well as lead that moment into one that brings about inner growth questions and contemplation.  It’s great to feel or for sure it means you’re alive; and having different feelings is what allows us to even contemplate this entire topic 🙂

How about you?  How do you explore your feelings?


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