Transforming challenges into opportunities

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Any situation always has the potential of being an opportunity to further inner growth.  However, that’s easy to say when it comes to pleasant situations and people we encounter along the way.  It becomes another story when you’re faced with challenges like people that tick you off or situations that cause us pain or worry.

Some people get angry at the statement that behind any situation there lies a solution or that it’s only temporary.  Others wholeheartedly believe it and apply it, even it’s not easy all the time and definitely not easy at the beginning with those situations and people that upset you.

Feeling frustrated or angry at something that happened or someone that is disrespecting you is pretty much the first reaction, but if you allow yourself to step outside of the situation and you ask yourself, “Why am I upset, what is bothering me, what can I do about it?” you will find the hidden opportunity to inner growth, and to transforming that situation by transforming your reaction.

I read an article a while ago, on or one of those psychology websites and it talked about rewiring yourself, your reaction.  I also saw a video long ago on how the brain works and human reactions and the firing of synopsis that create that pattern after repeating that same reaction consistently (something along those lines).  The video also went on to explain that if you start changing your reaction, you can change those firing synopsis.  All of this and more has been written and looked at when it comes to the way humans react.  It all says the same thing, if we choose to do so, we can change our reactions, which in turn change the same situations we face into “different” situations.  In the end the situation hasn’t changed, what’s changed is how you perceive it.

If you’re determined to find harmony within, the process starts with you.  And for as much as a person can treat you unjustly or something that happens can be catastrophic, if you choose to try and let go of being right or wrong or of judging something as a catastrophe; you will in turn stop living those types of situations with anger or sadness or frustration in your heart.

To me these feelings aren’t bad, they are actually the indicators that spark questioning and further research that aims to improve our inner wellbeing and the external circumstances around us.  Since life is an experience, don’t you want to make the best out of it?  And if you know there’s a solution to doing that, which is letting go of old patterns of behavior that are bringing you down, why not take the journey?

I know the feeling of venting about someone or something that is bothering you, someone that is really behaving like a jerk or something that happens that makes you ill or that threatens your lifestyle.  These are all things that are scary and bothersome, but by asking questions like, “Why am I bothered?”  “Why am I scared?” we get a lot of answers and they help us realize that what’s going on isn’t the end of the world.

I know not everyone resonates with this or is thinking, “Seriously, another positivity talk.”  All I ask in turn to this is, “Doesn’t everybody want to live a good and happy life?”

I am pretty sure the answer is yes, and the beauty is that every one of us can; and in the process we also get to know ourselves, our identity and who we want to become more and more each time an opportunity (a challenge) presents itself.  This is an exhilarating feeling and I wish it upon each human being on the planet because there’s nothing better than knowing who you are, growing thanks to your life experiences and sharing love with humanity in the process.

Nobody is saying it’s easy, but I guarantee if that’s how you approach things it will get easier and easier thanks to the inner growth and transformation you’re making within, thanks to the rewiring of your reactions so to speak.

Step outside of yourself and stop to find the opportunity in the challenge you’re faced with, and you’ll find yourself moving towards a happier and much, much less scary place.

What ways have helped you to transform challenges into opportunities?

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