A story of inspirational leaders representing the shift that is taking place in the world

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A short thank you note (before the story) to Brian Fanzo and Chris Strub for inspiring me, renewing my knowledge of the good that exists in this world, of the beauty and love that humans are and will never cease to be! You guys rock and I so love that your stories and voices are being heard!

I fell in love with social media because it allows you to meet and connect with people from all around the globe; and also because it gives everyone the chance to share their story, share the change they are making in the world, the love they have for life, the passion they hold in their heart.  Everyone has a voice and the opportunity to be seen on social media, which means they can inspire others and let the world know the truth.  This truth, to me, is that humans are giving, they are loving and they are all doing their best to live this experience called life, to give to one another and to live happily.

This past week I met a social leader that is true to the title, a title that society ascribes for different reasons and to people that aren’t leaders who lead from the pureness of their heart.  It’s not that these leaders don’t have good intentions or don’t do good; they do lots of good and inspire others to do so too.  However, they are where they are because of the right network, because their ideas were innovative and became trends, because they can lead where others won’t; they believe in themselves and their dream.  These are all great things because essentially thanks to them, others are motivated and moved (at the core) to take action.  But to me a true leader is one that believes from the depths of their soul that everyone can do good, that the world is an awesome place, that life is something beautiful that you cherish and that it can take your breath away, if only you look close enough to be able and see the hidden treasures it holds.

I don’t know about you, but I believe in each and every one of us; and it gets tiresome to see and hear of leaders who speak with an agenda, with a strategy, with an end game and not because (from their heart of hearts) they believe in humanity and the amazing beauty of this world.  A true leader has unconditional love for everyone, everything, and for life.  They’re not trying to become famous, they’re not trying to move others only out of the passion behind their belief.  Essentially, their belief is one that is tied directly to the greatness of humanity and life.  They speak to remind humans of how awesome they are and what they can do; what WE can all do, individually and together.

In the social sphere there are a lot of leaders who lead (the way) thanks to the passion behind their belief, but there are few who lead with belief in humanity and unconditional love alongside their passion.  Well, just this past week I finally discovered one that does just this.  I had never heard of him before, his name: Brian Fanzo (Twitter handle if you’d like to find him @iSocialFanz).  I was tuning in to an online livestreaming chat called #H2HChat and let’s just say that as I heard Brian talk, all I could think was, “Finally, an influencer worth the name! Finally, a leader who talks about the beauty of people and the world!  Finally, a voice that is heard and is saying WE not ME!  Finally, a social leader who reminds everyone about the SOCIAL in social media! Finally…Finally…Finally!”  To make a long story short, I am hopeful in this world having more leaders like Brian, more voices that speak up for the collaborative and giving nature of humans.

Added bonus inspiration to the week, the fact that discovering Brian and connecting with him on Snapchat, led me to the discovery of yet ANOTHER awesome social leader creating an amazing movement; his name: Chris Strub (Twitter handle if you want to connect @ChrisStrub).  Another person I had never heard, and that deserves the attention he’s getting.

Chris Strub Team Strub 50 State 100 Days Volunteer Making A DifferenceI haven’t gotten caught up on Chris’ entire story (just yet); but a short intro; last summer (2015), at the age of 29, Chris traveled the United States to volunteer with youth-related organizations nationwide and he live streamed his journey through all 50 states (there’s even a book).

Thanks to social media I was able to uncover these two hidden gems that reinforce and reconfirm the feeling I have of the love that is life and this world, and the shift our world is taking.  Thanks to them I am ten-thousand times stronger in my intent to say, we can all reach our greatest potential and inspire it in others.  And above all, we can make this world an even more beautiful place!  Always follow your heart, always believe in yourself and always, always believe in others and life.  You will never cease to be amazed and you will never cease to experience the beauty in life as long as you are alive and you see the love that is around you.  And when you are going through a rough moment or are down, regain your strength and inspiration by rereading a story that shows you just how amazing and loving life is or find one.  Although for now they are still somewhat hidden; if you look hard enough, you’ll find at least one, and that’s all it takes!

Thanks for reading; I hope this story has inspired you and will be one that can give you that extra support and strength when you need it 🙂



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