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An inspirational talk on tech and meaningful relationships, but there’s more

There’s an unmeasurable beauty behind the era our world is in and heading towards. It’s one where boundaries no longer exist, distances aren’t as noticeable as they used to be, and people from different countries with different and similar interests can connect more and more; more than they ever could before. The world of technological and digital advancements is not as cold and impersonal as some make it out to be.

What’s so scary about leading with your own voice

As an observer of human behavior in different circumstances, from in person to person interactions, business related events, to social media interaction; I’ve noticed a repeat pattern: the need for many to find their voice through others.

A story of inspirational leaders representing the shift that is taking place in the world

A short thank you note (before the story) to Brian Fanzo and Chris Strub for inspiring me, renewing my knowledge of the good that exists in this world, of the beauty and love that humans are and will never cease to be! You guys rock and I so love that your stories and voices are

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