Amazing people doing amazing things

We all know how important parent-child relationships are to inner growth and happiness in life; and what one dad is doing to help other dads and daughters has an impact that goes way beyond dad/daughter hair days…

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As mentioned in one of my previous posts, I’m doing a weekly podcast with a friend where we spotlight people who are making a difference in other people’s lives.  I wanted to take the opportunity to share another one of the episodes in case you are looking to brighten up your day and/or be inspired by the amazing people there are in this world.

This one is our interview with a father making a difference in fathers and daughters’ lives by helping them bond through hair: Father’s Initiative Helps Dads Bond With Their Daughters.  Although this may seem like nothing special, I beg to differ.  We all know how important parent-child relationships are to inner growth and happiness in life (this isn’t an opinion, just take a look at all the psychological studies on child emotional development and parental influence).  So, what this dad is doing has an impact on so many levels, and extends way beyond dad/daughter hair days.

Through the Daddy Daughter Hair Factory initiative, this dad and daughter team help to create a lovely bond between fathers and daughters; make daughters know their fathers care about them; and through this time together where fathers learn how to do their daughters’ hair (and different hairstyles), the girls get that selfless love that can help their inner growth (to an immeasurable degree), plus a whole lot of memories they will cherish forever.

When someone shares with us something we love, it is one of the best feelings in this world!  We all know that feeling; and those special moments we carry in our hearts that can lift us up when we are down and give us strength when we need it.  You can imagine how daughters feel when their dads take the time to learn and to do their hair in a way that makes them smile, and how that moment will be with them forever.

There’s no way of beating that loved feeling that you carry within you from positive childhood moments!  I hope you enjoy the podcast; and if you’re a single dad, you’ll love connecting with this community of awesome dads 🙂

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