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Amazing people doing amazing things

We all know how important parent-child relationships are to inner growth and happiness in life; and what one dad is doing to help other dads and daughters has an impact that goes way beyond dad/daughter hair days…


The Make A Difference Spotlight podcast episode 29

This week’s story on the MADS podcast is about a man who does something amazing to help homeless families.  He actually gives up his home so that they can have a roof over their head while trying to get back on their feet.  His act of kindness has spread way beyond helping families.  Listen to

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A special announcement!

A short note for those who have been following me since I started my blog and for new followers who are reading…I have slightly updated some of the pages and content, and am working on a schedule for 2016 that will hopefully help me write more from now on. Also, a special announcement for inspirational story lovers: The Make A Difference Spotlight podcast (stories of people making a difference in other people’s lives…)