Discourse on Leadership

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Discourse on Leadership

I was pondering leadership and how some styles are inspiring and effective, while others are the total opposite and I posted this to my G+ community: “To lead and help others doesn’t mean you are perfect, but there are traits that seem to match up for effective and great leadership styles versus ineffective and stagnant ones. 

The famous saying of how ‘power corrupts’ would you say that bad leaders were corrupted at one point with their gaining leadership or is it merely a personality type that doesn’t inspire others, but maybe wants to control them?”

Personally, I feel it’s more about character traits, although I realize the topic is an in-depth and intricate one.  For the longest time power and corruption made more sense, but the style of leadership seems to stem from who we are, our needs, perspectives and what we believe is just or not.  As a person grows to a position of ‘power’ they may be inclined to make compromises and take things for granted (after getting used to a certain lifestyle), but the basis of pursuing individual growth for all versus indicating what is and what isn’t, what one should think or not think, and basically keeping control; these are the characteristics that affect the effectiveness of the leader and they are a part of our thought process and beliefs not power.

What about you? What do you think? It would be great to exchange ideas 🙂


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