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Relationships and intent go hand in hand

A beautiful day ~ photo by FNM

Relationships and intent go hand in hand.  Do you ever wonder, why some people click while others don’t or why some relationships disappoint you?  Do you ever ask yourself when pondering these questions, what your intent was or is when it comes to the relationships you’re questioning? If there’s one thing I’m certain of, it

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A blab story to overcome not speaking up

There’s a new social media platform that I’ve found really amazing for the potential it has in allowing people to connect and talk about topics of interest.  It’s a bit like Google Hangouts, but better.  It’s called blab and you create an account by logging in with your Twitter account (so technically you don’t have

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Wall Street and the Yin Yang of Life

Today we have many comforts that our ancestors and even generations from only 50 years ago didn’t have, yet something still doesn’t seem to fit. A part of the generations that fought for our freedom and prosperity seem to think that the young generations fighting and protesting today (to name the most recent protest I

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Right or wrong in Libya and elsewhere

After reading various articles with different statements on the Libyan situation, such as Libya: Pros and cons of being major oil producer, A Victory for the Libyan People?: The Top Ten Myths in the War Against Libya and What’s Happening in Libya Explained, a question I’ve posed numerous times before came to mind again. I thought others might ask it too, so

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The Success in Avoiding War

The topic of war is something to look at from all sides.  These sides can include what we like to define as “right/wrong”, “defense/offense”, “freedom/dictatorship”, and so on.  The one thought that comes to my mind instead, is the existing absence for a fight in favor of humanity as a whole.  For now I only

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