Wall Street and the Yin Yang of Life

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Today we have many comforts that our ancestors and even generations from only 50 years ago didn’t have, yet something still doesn’t seem to fit. A part of the generations that fought for our freedom and prosperity seem to think that the young generations fighting and protesting today (to name the most recent protest I am aware of at the moment, but not the only one I am sure, the Occupy Wall Street one) are lazy and want to be given everything. I say this because I constantly see comments and pictures that speak this very idea. Part of their reasoning is that we must work for what we want, which implies they think we don’t. On the other hand I see there is great difficulty for many in managing to stay afloat even with a job (by afloat, I intend money problems, making it to the end of the month, paying bills, etc.). The reasons for this outcome vary depending on a person’s point of view. Some would say it is lack of effort, others might say it is the government’s fault, and still others could say it is as it is because this is how the world goes round. I think it is a combination of all.If we take a look at some of the most popular forms of communication like the internet, commercials, and movies, there seems to be a repeat pattern: to sell fame, fortune, and dreams. Anyone with some background in marketing, even a hint of it, knows the first thing they teach in this field is to find what people “lack” and want, and make them need it or think they need it, so that these people buy it. I believe Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory deals with this idea in some way. The irony of it all, unfortunately, is that some people sell, and some people buy to make their dreams come true. Most of the time those who buy are merely tricked in believing something prosperous and grand will come out of it. Sometimes the buy is a good investment, other times it is plain fraud. The saddest part of it all is that those selling it don’t care whether the person buying goes broke, has their dreams shattered, or possibly finds him or her-self at a loss. The sellers are only doing their job and the companies are merely providing products that they get the end-user to buy, and let’s not forget that these companies do end up creating jobs. Whether companies sell dreams and ideas of a better future, whether commercials promote material things we do not really need, and whether movies make us desire and hope for a dream life, the problem to our solution is us. We create and develop all that is around us. This means we can change it.

Thanks to our advances in technology, not only can we have comforts, but we can and do live longer; this is a wonderful thing. Unfortunately, it also means we need to produce a sufficient amount of jobs so that all can be employed and buy those comforts we create and successfully sell, but this is not the case. I don’t know if we can point fingers at anyone really, although I find that if our leaders make laws and legislation, and force us to do things, as well as define themselves as experts and “VIP”, then they should ensure that all their citizens of working age can find a job. Actually, since the claim seems to be that they are of a higher intelligence (after all most, if not all of them, did go to ivy league colleges and universities, or am I mistaken?) than us, top business managers and leaders, it shouldn’t be a problem for them to do this. If leaders are to demand things, if they are to invoke “superiority”, they should show it when it comes to managing our finances, laws, homes, jobs, and all else. Take responsibility for your actions, for what you speak; have values, fairness, and humanity; all things we are told to do and be, yet I don’t see the same from those who are suppose to “lead” us. At the same time I turn to us “average” humans and say that we should remember our leaders, the businesses who sell to us, the “VIP”, they are all like us. The only difference is that they are in a position of power and prestige; but we can not expect them to be impeccable.

It seems to me that the middle class (not to speak of the poor, who are even more in distress than we could ever imagine) is tired of trying to make ends meet. They are tired of being told they may have nothing when they get old, especially after selling years of their life to their jobs to pay taxes, and yes, also to pay comforts; but if one has to work and have no comforts then we would be working only to pay taxes and that wouldn’t seem fair either. We can’t have it both ways, but we can’t have it one way either. The people should fight for their rights to live well; and the governments, when they stand up and say we are the experts, we know better, we will lead you, should lead well or step down and stop making false promises.

I believe in the potential of human kind and am convinced that if people are standing up it is because of distress. We are overpopulated in a world that has limited jobs, in a world that costs a lot, which tricks you into believing in dreams and products, and buying them to “better” your future (or to try). Our world is at a point where it is once more looking for equilibrium; a dynamic of economics, history, and life, which seems to repeat itself: all empires fell at one point or another in time, economies prospered and then fell. Until humans establish a system that is based on supporting humanity’s full growth, without involving these “escapes” for our eternal existence conflict, we will have many more of ups and downs. Until we reach our full potential as humans, this is what it will be. I can only hope for humanity’s sake that it doesn’t come too late; that it doesn’t come after we’ve destroyed all that is life for money, power and other related “escapes”, which as we well know, do not follow us to the grave. We have one life to live, it is all we know of; the afterlife is a mystery with different ideas and beliefs of what will come, but other than that we know not until we die. If we must live, shouldn’t we live well? Society, money, and everything that exists is created by us, every single one of us can improve or maintain our situation.



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