An inspirational talk on tech and meaningful relationships, but there’s more

There’s an unmeasurable beauty behind the era our world is in and heading towards.  It’s one where boundaries no longer exist, distances aren’t as noticeable as they used to be, and people from different countries with different and similar interests can connect more and more; more than they ever could before.  The world of technological and digital advancements is not as cold and impersonal as some make it out to be.

An amazing TEDx Talk on meaningful relationships in the era of technology by Daniel Newman inspired me to write about this topic.  In Daniel’s talk he touches on points regarding balance in the use of tech and human to human relationships, particularly relationships with loved ones within this new era of digital relationships and social sharing.  You have to watch the talk to get the full message, there’s a lot more to it and it’s truly inspirational.  Here’s the link.

As I watched and listened to what Daniel was saying, I thought to myself two things: 1) Daniel’s gift in being able to help the world realize the human component behind tech, tech which is seen as so abstract or sometimes an escape from our physical lives and world; and 2) the amazing power of technology in bringing the world together, like really together.

Beneath the surface of those initial thoughts is: 1) the fact that each of you, each of us, has a unique gift.  A gift that enables the world and people around us to see something that they wouldn’t otherwise see or to understand something in a different light than they would’ve been able to, had you not been able to relate to them and share that message or thing the way you did and do.  And 2) Technology is not a divider, it’s not driving people away from each other, but rather it’s enabling more people to connect more and more, and yes, even in in-depth ways.  There are meaningful relationships that come from this digital connectedness, actually more people feel less alone because they’re able to find people like them or that can understand them.  Technology is enabling the illusion of separateness to disappear, the illusion of competition as the driving force of humans, when in reality we are collaborative and loving.

This is a short bit on two topics that require a blog of their own (which will come, just not today); but that were worth mentioning alongside the TEDx Talk by Daniel, which inspired it all.  If you’re not following him online yet, you should, he’s an inspirational leader who leads with heart, who knows tech, who helps business owners succeed and so much more.  Check him out on Twitter or here’s one of his sites.

I’ll be back writing on: Identifying your unique gifts, the challenge with this, and some tips; and what technology really means for the world, the love behind digital 🙂

In the meantime, would love to hear your thoughts on these topics! Happy Saturday 🙂


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