October 5D ascension energies be proud to be human and be unconditionally loving

Hello my fellow Lightworkers!

For the lightworkers who follow the 5d ascension energies (topics on ascension, 5d earth, mother earth transformation from 3d to 5d, etc.), and astrology, I am sure you have, and continue to, read up on the events and what to expect.  Every year it seems to get more and more enlightening and loving 😊

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Hello my fellow Lightworkers!

For the lightworkers who follow the 5d ascension energies (topics on ascension, 5d earth, mother earth transformation from 3d to 5d, etc.), and astrology, I am sure you have, and continue to, read up on the events and what to expect.  Every year it seems to get more and more enlightening and loving 😊

So far this month, we’ve had and are expecting: a full moon October 1 (I mentioned it in our 5d ascension October update); another full moon on its way at the end of the month, October 31; planets moving direct and in retrograde (like today, October 13 with Mercury going retrograde; and also having Mars in retrograde since September 9. The duo in retrograde is much discussed in the ways they affect us and our lives); and the new moon October 16. Not to mention, the Schumann Resonance and solar flares, as well as other events that affect all life form (since energy/vibration is a part of every life form on earth, and earth is first and foremost in 5d, so all must adapt on a cellular/vibrational level).

A couple of notes before we begin…

Seeing as my expertise lies in the human realm (not in astrology or the energetic realm), I share updates to assist the lightworkers who are using the 5d ascension and planetary events to transcend into the infinite higher human potential of themselves, as a person, in one’s ownership and full awareness and presence of one’s own consciousness (which is how every human knows of their existence or about any topic such as contemplating being a lightworking or 5d earth and 5d ascension.

Also, this is not going to be the typical update because one thing that has become clear with the 5d ascension energies and planetary movements (astrology) in this time, is that every 12 months (earth’s yearly cycle) there are certain repeat monthly events with the full moons and new moons, portals with the month’s numbers and days, planetary events and movements within our galaxy and beyond (depending on how far astrology tracks), and the 5d ascension energies on earth.

What changes in the 12 months’ time (earth’s yearly cycle) for the lightworker is how you experience the 5d ascension energies and planetary energies depending on where you are at with your 5d ascension inner world’s journey.  This means that if you lead with your heart and mind, an unconditionally loving and neutral heart and mind towards self and others, and work with the events that take place with unconditional love and neutrality from your heart and mind in harmony with your purpose as the human being you choose to be you will most likely navigate all energies and events with much greater ease because you are connected with a loving heart to your higher consciousness, which knows in heart and mind that all is where it’s meant to be for a person, for the planet, for everything.  You know that all is love, that love doesn’t judge, and that freewill is exactly what every person has that allows them to learn to lead with love, to be connected to their higher self and trust within and without (the external).  This means that you are not afraid and when ascension is taking place, you know what is going on, that there is no problem or way to go back, there are no losers, there is transformation in infinite space.

With that being said…We are all one and in the same, and as lightworkers we are here to work with love if we are choosing 5d ascension, while each being one’s own unique individual from the heart and mind, our unique person, you as the human being that you are.  The only difference amongst lightworkers that I can tell from years of being in this realm of discussion, sharing events and knowledge with others, and from all the research that I’ve done up to date are that some lightworkers physically work the energies and transmute to light for more than just themselves; they are of greater support to the collective in their 5d ascension journey (besides the impact they can make on societal cultural level by sharing their beliefs and thought processes, research, and so on).

Essentially, all humans and life forms are lightworkers since they must adapt with the 5d ascension energies on earth to stay on earth.  This means they ‘work the light’ – light worker; even if it is only theirs (hypothetically speaking, since technically, according to the ideology of all being light, we are one).  Then, for those in tune with the topic of lightwork and ascension, it means you know when the lightworking is happening thanks to all that you know from reading up on it and being more sensitive to the 5d energies and planetary events, and being in tune with your physical body/aura, emotional body, mental body, spiritual body, and aura/etheric body.  In time, all will gain awareness of these bodies, and they already all since all humans are becoming more light and connecting with their layers, as well as their higher consciousness, being that there is only 5d energy on the planet.

5d is about transcending the world of duality completely and leading from the heart, from the space of wisdom which is found in neutrality from your human consciousness (in that without being human, you would not have what is called secondary consciousness, you would not even be elaborating on this very topic).  There are too many that I see in the 5d ascension community who define themselves as lightworkers and yet are still in a place of duality in consciousness, and bring forth fear, continue the divide that they judge in others that don’t talk about ascension.

If there’s one thing that October 5d ascension energy events and planetary ones are going to bring to all lightworkers is the opportunity to realize that every human being is love and light, and through all that you will face, which will be challenging and involve potential struggle, sorrow, sadness, chaos, that you bring forth two things for self, others and the world: unconditional love and light, that you know in your heart and mind, that all is going as it is meant to go and that life is simply going through an evolution with the species that we are called: a human consciousness evolution.  Our history books, biology books, and all educational fields have much tangible evidence that talks of what evolution is, so be in a place of love when you are looking to what takes place in the world, for nothing new comes without having had an old, and as the old passes, it may look like “chaos and destruction”, but that is merely because you have what is old disappearing and no knowledge of what tomorrow (the new) will look like.

As a lightworker, you are meant to bring forth: unconditional love, understanding, compassion, neutrality, and mediate with calm and love when “chaos” or “unkindness” or any other thing that is not love comes around (whether event or person).  You are meant to go beyond and no longer hold judgement or condemnation from mind and heart, and connect to the higher consciousness that knows all is where it is meant to be for others, and that for you it is the chance to bring love and space for transmutation to happen.  It is through love, unity, and calm that you transmute the 3d energies to 5d energies in our bodies and affect our societal culture.  It is through our human behavior in life and with each other, and in events that we are looking to work on to make a difference in the world that you also further connect to your higher 5d cosmic consciousness thanks to heart and mind reaching harmony as you keep choosing to bring forth love and light when things get “tough or ugly”.  A lightworker supports all our planet in their lightworker’s journey by being the unconditional love you want to see in this world.  All souls/humans are special and a lightworker who has achieved this wisdom is the lightworker who is knows this from heart and mind at every turn where someone else is condemning or judging (in duality, in 3d).

We are all doing what we can to spread the light and we all work the light too.  That’s the beauty of it all.

Expect some processing to take place this month of October with things that are unwanted, unexpected, and deep to the heart of you.

Have faith and trust in you, in love, in life, and in humanity.

It is in seeing others and yourself in loving light that you transform to light.  Remember how the reflection goes both ways always, if you don’t see love, how is that applied to you and how you see you.  Choosing unconditional love is as simple, as when you don’t choose it.

We’ll see what November holds and please, reach out if you’d like to discuss something in particular you are going through.  I support through the inner growth journey and mindset approach, so that what is experienced throughout your 5d ascension transformational experience can lead you to the very place you’re meant to go, to the heart and mind of you from within as the amazing human you are, and that you can then bring forth in that lightworker’s way.

PS Having said all of this, 2020 may be the last year of specific 5d ascension energy updates on the IHP blog with this type of focus; since my goal is to support all people to be one with each other, with their own person, their heart and mind, in a way that pursues their personal inner growth, unconditional love, and neutrality.  This is what all lightworkers should be applying to their own personal journey already, as well as in all areas when treating each other, no matter who it is or what the person is considered.

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