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March 5D ascension energies collective shift love and light

Hello my fellow Lightworkers! As I’m sure you are aware, March has been full of 5d ascension energies. They are rocking our world in a way that is meant to allow fear to be released from our hearts, both individually in our lives, as well as collectively, in our society.

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Hello my fellow Lightworkers!

As I’m sure you are aware, March has been full of 5d ascension energies.  They are rocking our world in a way that is meant to allow fear to be released from our hearts, both individually in our lives, as well as collectively, in our society.

This month’s energy update is going to be a bit different than all the past ones.  While I will be sharing the dates that many look for when it comes to 5d ascension energy updates, what is most important is the collective consciousness shift to love and light consistently in consciousness form of you as the human being you are.  So, we will be taking a closer look at words, actions, thoughts, everything you do to conduct your day to treat humanity to speak of government and people, and the events taking place as the 5d ascension keeps moving forward.

For the major 5d ascension energy events we had a couple on March 3, 2020 that began to impact the awakening of all to further unconditional love from the heart and release of fear.  We had a full moon supermoon on March 9, 2020, and our new moon is coming up on March 23, 2020.  Not to mention the equinox which entered on March 19-20, 2020.  Oh, and let’s not forget that since February there’s been an influx of 5d ascension energies coming in without slowing down (sources said this will last until about May 2020, in either one of the videos I shared in January or an article I read on lovehaswon website).

Having said this, for this month, I will be sharing the Inspiring Human Potential podcast episodes that are more relevant with the importance of the lightworkers who are completely awakened to 5d consciousness from heart and mind.

Those who are truly awakened know that what is happening is a natural cycle of life in its expression, and on the earth, that means through us (the people).  It’s not about duality, if anything you know it’s about neutrality and standing in light and love through thoughts, words, actions, feelings, everything that is being human.

No one is more special than anyone, everyone serves their purpose to experience life, to go through a shift that is naturally taking place on a planet that is becoming 5d in form.

I am speaking to those of you who know this from the heart, because it is those of you who are there that need to spread the word of what 5d ascension really is, in a way that will make sense to your collective, the people you’re already being a lightworker for, and yes, that is family and friends, and colleagues, and your neighbor.  But it’s not meant to be a battle of who’s right or wrong, or who’s belief is true or not.  It is meant to be a conversation about hope and trust and faith in humanity, in life, in the world, in a natural cycle that takes place and that has so many unknowns that most people fear because they cannot see.

Please, be the true lightworker and show the way to be light and love from the heart because you know that life will always continue to exist, but it does go through cycles and right now we’re simply shifting to this new amazing place called 5d for where it leads us consciously, but that doesn’t mean one group of people is better than the other, it’s the complete opposite.

It’s a balancing out of all, a new reality that comes with being human and knowing that heart and mind are important, that your inner world matters and there’s a way for you to create a good relationship with it and with the people in the world that have different opinions and ways than you do.

There are many lightworkers I know, and they are doing their best to be light and love, but they go back and forth with fear in their heart and they don’t see it because they are too busy judging others who they call “humans”, as if they themselves were not.  In doing this and other things, they feed duality, fear, and separateness, which is a 3d place of consciousness; it is not love, light, oneness, which is a 5d place of consciousness.

WE ARE ALL HUMAN BEINGS with our soul, the essence of us, the light of us, there is an inner world to being human and all of us are here on earth helping a shift to a 5d world. There’s no us or them, there’s one on earth, as humans with the lifeform that accompanies us.

5d is about leading from heart and mind, it’s about connecting to your higher consciousness (which in psychology is referred to cosmic consciousness) and is accessible to all, but it is a journey that requires going to the subconscious and unconscious, to getting to know your emotional world as a human, which is also your spirit or soul or heart, it’s about you being consistent in how you think and feel from within you.  This is raising your consciousness to a 5d place, this is how your energies get worked through: they are processed through your mind/thoughts, your heart/feelings, and your body/physical.

The more you embrace unconditional love in the face of that which brings about a challenge to your inner world, the more you process and adapt to 5d ascension energies at the physical level, the heart level, and the mind level, the human level to become the human you want to see in this world and the life we want to help our collective embrace.

This is not going to mean that one way of seeing the shift will be better than the other, it will be a balancing of all ways, for all connects us, all fields of study have validity, all knowledge adds to life, all feelings are important, all diversity is the opportunity for love and light to be the way, for those who can to stand centered and recognize a natural evolution, not a “right or wrong”, not the 3d way of duality.

Be the lightworker you are from your heart and mind as you adapt the 5d ascension energies with unconditional love and stand steady in the trust you have that life will always lead to life, and that it is through the “death” of an old, which is scary for the conscious mind (especially for those who have yet to explore the depths of their inner world and find the way to lead from their heart with their light).

Let us be the trust in life from the heart and mind as humans, who know all will be well, because we’re all going to try and work together as a people, as a community, as a country, as a society, as a world that is global and connected!  Show the way to unity in this month of March and moving forward, be the way of oneness and unconditional love, and shining your lovely lightworker light ❤

Please feel free to reach out if you need any help along your 5d ascension awakening journey.  An inner growth journey and mindset is what I see most beneficial for people because it brings heart and mind together to find inner harmony through the exploration of the human elements, the essence of you elements and the unknown of life elements. There are always different ways we get to experience this 5d ascension awakening journey and the human of you is always a part of it as you live your day-to-day on earth.

Lots of love and light being sent your way!


The Inspiring Human Potential podcast episodes:

Any Limits You Hold For Humanity You Hold For Yourself

The Fallacy Of Duality As Representative Of Higher Infinite Human Potential

Eliminating Blind Spots Through Inner Growth

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