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November 5D ascension energies 11/11 and the full moon

Hello my fellow Lightworkers! Another exciting month is here with 5d ascension energies coming in since the beginning of the month, with the 11/11 portal energies having just passed (lingering about), and tonight’s full moon upon us; not to mention the November 26 new moon, which lies ahead and more astrological events, planets moving, energies coming in; all to process and adapt to, to keep centering to our and in our hearts as we bring to the surface anything old and not centered in our hearts, adapt and adopt the new and raise our consciousness to it, and incorporate it into our world, to lead with more love and light, to lead with unconditional love in the forefront, and gain knowledge of this amazing earthly and life experience transformation for us individually and collectively.

October 5D ascension energies and the full moon

Hello my fellow Lightworkers! When it comes to the 5D ascension energies this month, it has been quite interesting so far. There are different sources that I have referenced, in addition to my personal intuitive connection with what I perceive from the ascension energies through myself (my feelings and experiences) and the collective (feelings and experiences).

September 5D ascension energies with the full moon at hand

Hello my fellow Lightworkers! We’re in another month of great transformation, and while for some of us it’s all sky-high, uplifting and warming from the heart; for others it is a bit of a battle between the “old” and the “new”. If you’re in the uplifted feelings and ah ha moments you know that it isn’t a one-way for all the same this ascension, this 5D experience; it is personal and it is where it needs to be for every person, humanly speaking and essence of life speaking. This month I am choosing to share what I perceive the 5D ascension energies are bringing from a personal perspective with the human elements, with inner growth, with the knowledge of consciousness and the role this plays throughout the process of 5D ascension.

August 5D ascension energies as the full moon approaches brings neutrality and more from the heart

Hello my fellow Lightworkers! August 5D ascension energies as the full moon approaches brings the choice of a complete shift from the old to the new for those lightworkers who are ready to be the opportunity for love to be the way, for neutrality to find that new way to be a constant and allow all to have a say, to bring forth that unity we’re meant to live and can live with opposites because in our hearts (unconsciously) and minds (consciously) we know the true purpose of opposites in life: to bring to consciousness the choice we have for what shape, form, title, heart, and so on we want to experience in our unique life and bring forth to the world’s potential experience.