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Let’s talk about inner growth

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Interestingly enough or maybe common knowledge, inner growth is a highly researched topic.  There is no doubt as to why.  We all want to grow, and by grow I mean pursue our highest potential and have full clarity as to who we are so that we can lead a happier and more harmonious life.

Why else would people be researching ways or definitions or the meaning of inner growth?

Of course we could discuss why else; I’m sure there are a number of other reasons that you’ve just thought of, but that would require a life time of exploration (and beyond), lots of talking and a huge book in itself.  For the purpose of this post, we’ll keep the reason for inner growth search to people looking to find and complete themselves to help improve their lives from within.

I say from within because it is what we hold within ourselves that gives us stability or the opposite.  External influences and circumstances are always evolving and humans can adapt to those, but uncovering your inner self and finding the sweet spot to balance (in combination with the ever changing external environment) is quite the process.

For anyone looking up this topic to find answers, the process of inner growth starts with you.  You won’t find one definition because there isn’t only one; and the articles you will find explore the topic in different ways.  Everything you find will hopefully provide value and answers that can help you on this journey of self-discovery.

But if you’re here, this also means you’re still searching.  So, here goes, some things that I’ve found worked for myself and others to find and complete yourself so that you can grow and pursue living a life you truly want (from the heart).

As already mentioned, your journey starts with you.  This means exploring what you’re feeling and what brought you to this place of contemplation.  Too often we don’t dive into that feeling, we stop on the surface; but behind joy, sadness, worry, or excitement there is a whole bunch of information you can find out about yourself.

It isn’t what happens to you that makes the difference, as much as what you decide to do next.  Tune out the noise, tune out the expectations, and tune in to your heart. – FNM

As you explore your feelings ask yourself why you feel this way; ask it like a 5-year-old who asks why to everything and anything endlessly.  You’ll be surprised with what you will uncover about yourself as you find your answers and move on to your next why.

As you go through this self-talk you will be able to identify your desires, weaknesses, judgements, needs, and for each of these things (and more) you’ll be able to decide on your next step.  As long as you are ready to keep moving forward in your self-exploration you will slowly move to a place where this type of questioning will happen automatically and you will find answers to your questions and concerns in less and less time.

All these answers are based on you, not on what happens or doesn’t happen around you.  If you think inner growth involves changing what’s outside of you, it doesn’t work that way.  The things outside of you change only because there has been an evolution within you.

Inner growth means knowing yourself in and out, and even though there are a number of people who will tell you that you can’t do it yourself, I beg to differ.  I don’t mean we shouldn’t have support, of course we should, but there is no one more suited than yourself to uncover the truth behind your essence, who you are.  Our support system helps us in allowing us to have interactions and comparisons that can further our self-exploration as we pursue inner growth.

Hopefully this tiny exploration on inner growth can help you along your journey, and I will probably write more on the topic, but for now, I’ll leave it at this 🙂

Would love to hear about what steps you are already taking for your inner growth, as well as experiences you’ve had throughout the process!  Please share, leave a comment or write me (my email is in my About page).


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