Challenges and solutions to letting go

We’ve all heard it from someone before or we’ve told someone this: let it go.  In our best moments it comes easy to let go, but it’s when you’re at our lowest or when something really, really bothers you that letting go becomes quite challenging.  It’s a work in progress for those who really want to let go and for those who are not ready, it’s a repeat saying they may tell themselves or hear.


When I did a quick search on Google for letting go, 29,900,000 results popped up and at the end of the first page there was a quote I shared from my Google+ page.  The quote is:

“Being an enlightened soul is all about
letting go of the gathered corruptions
that are sticking to one’s soul, which are
preventing the divine light of the soul
from shining bright.
Being an enlightened soul is all about
retaining a state of pureness, a state of
innocence, a state of being, where one
transcends all physical senses and
illusions, and able to see and understand
the beauty of life, truth and love
in their purest form.”
Prem Tihan (Shafiq)

Whether we want to look at letting go from a spiritual perspective or a physical one, the challenges are the same.  Letting go means to be able and accept something you disagree with, more precisely an outcome or situation that you judge as not right, unjust, hurtful, possibly even something that you care about so much or someone you care about so much that the idea of letting go is like losing something or someone special to your heart.


As always it comes down to perspective and choices.  The first step is determining if it is important for your wellbeing to let go of something or someone and figuring out if within you, you really can let go without holding resentment, sadness, or bottled up emotions.  If you tell yourself to let go, but in your heart you haven’t really let go, then that situation will continue to affect you at an unconscious level.


I’m a firm believer that each human being can feel their own feelings, whether it’s easy to decipher what exactly those feelings mean is another story.  It is never really easy at first, it takes patience and exploration to fully understand what’s going on (even if that “going on” is an internal feeling that seems pretty straightforward).


Letting go implies releasing judgement and/or the feeling of loss, accepting with love and understanding in your heart, and above all love for yourself.  To put your internal harmony and happiness in the forefront and let go of things you can’t change or people who you can’t reach a mutual understanding or peace with.


It’s challenging, but with time and love it’s something that you can make easier and easier for yourself.  Know that you’re not alone and I’m sure there is at least one person you can turn to for support in those moments.


I’d love to hear what your experience with letting go has been so far.  What challenges do you face when it comes to letting go?  Do you find it difficult or easy?  What solutions have worked for you to let go?  Leave a comment, let me know 🙂


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