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Challenges and solutions to letting go

We’ve all heard it from someone before or we’ve told someone this: let it go. In our best moments it comes easy to let go, but it’s when you’re at our lowest or when something really, really bothers you that letting go becomes quite challenging. It’s a work in progress for those who really want to let go and for those who are not ready, it’s a repeat saying they may tell themselves or hear.

Strong relationships and honest communication

“Honest communication is the basis for establishing a good relationship, even business ones. Genuine interest will always seep through.” ~ FNM Human relationships are built through a series of exchanges that involve communication; the same goes for business to business and business to client relationships. To create a true bond, genuine interest and desire to

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The Success in Avoiding War

The topic of war is something to look at from all sides.  These sides can include what we like to define as “right/wrong”, “defense/offense”, “freedom/dictatorship”, and so on.  The one thought that comes to my mind instead, is the existing absence for a fight in favor of humanity as a whole.  For now I only

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