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Allocating your precious time because…

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In one way or another people value their time.  Time is that thing we appreciate more and more as our lives get busy with work, hobbies, family, plans, and so on and so forth.   I’m sure this isn’t news to you or anyone else for that matter, but something I’ve noticed over time is the tendency to allocate that time.

I have seen article after article on how entrepreneurs and individuals can manage their time to get everything done or to be more effective or to avoid burnout.  I’ve had conversations with colleagues and friends on the challenges with finding time to do everything.  It starts with the feeling of being overwhelmed or the desire to have time to accomplish set things that each one of us wants to get done daily, weekly or even on a project basis.

If we take a moment to look at the process of getting older, we realize that the “time challenge” stems from how life is set up once we’re adults.  We go from being able to use our time to do all the things we love to becoming a member of society who needs to be financially independent in order to continue living within that society (at least that’s the case for most of the world for now).  The transition happens naturally, but that’s when our set 24-hours a day starts becoming more and more noticeable.

Time is going by too quickly or there isn’t enough of it to get everything on that to do list done, or it’s finding the time to squeeze in more things to do.

We also start to look to balancing the need to be financially independent with the passions we hold dear to our heart.  This is exactly why, more and more people talk about doing something you’re passionate about as your means to make a living.  Personally, I think the way society works will change at some point, but we’ll save that topic for another blog post.  In the meantime, passion and allocating time do tie together.  How?  Well, what I see besides all the tips and tricks on managing time is the human tendency (rightly so) to use their time to do the things they are happy to do.

In addition to our so called societal “duties”, we want to spend time with loved ones and take part in leisurely activities that make us smile.  Even those who may be miserable in their job will at some point try to minimize the time they spend doing things they don’t want to do or spending time with people they don’t want to be around. This is only fair since we don’t really know how much time we do have on this earth.

Allocating your time for the things and people that fill your heart with beautiful feelings and experiences is something that we all do; but if you find yourself upset more often than not, this is probably an indication that you’re not investing that precious time in the things that make you happy.

If this is the case, take a moment to reflect on where and who you are allocating your time to.  You’ll quickly spot the things that don’t feel right and the people that make you feel “blah.”

As soon as you’ve identified them, start looking for your solutions to minimize the time you spend in these areas and with these people; and if you can totally remove yourself from both.  Your life will greatly improve; this is a guarantee!

How do you allocate your time? And what are some of the decisive factors for you?

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