A special announcement!

I’ve missed writing so much; but sometimes things get way too busy to have time for everything (I’m sure you’ve all had a similar experience at one time or another, so you can relate).

A short FYI for those who have been following me since I started my blog and for new followers…I have slightly updated some of the pages and content, and I’m also getting a schedule ready to see if I can fit more writing in 2016.  Wish me luck and I’d love to hear how everyone is doing, if you’d like to leave a comment 🙂

On that note, I do have something exciting to share!  I am doing a podcast with my dear friend Joe where we spotlight individuals who are making a difference in other people’s lives.  The podcast is called: The Make A Difference Spotlight (aka MADS). We’re on Stitcher and iTunes if you’d like to follow us.

I’ll most likely post our weekly stories on the blog from now on, they are really inspirational and share so much of the beauty of humanity! Will love hearing your thoughts if you tune in and if you have someone you think we should spotlight please let me know (leave a comment or write).

This past week’s MADS story was about two sisters on a journey to find bone marrow donors across all 50 states on their road trip. Here’s the link if you’d like to tune in (the episodes are not long, about 20 min or so).


2 thoughts on “A special announcement!

  1. Hi, Maria! Congratulations on deciding to plan more writing time in 2016. And on the podcast series with Joe. Here’s a link to a guest blog post I wrote for America’s Footprints. I hope you’re well!

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