New Years Resolutions Unnecessary

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I saw many posts this past week on resolutions for the new year and thought about writing one too, but in addition to my resolution I wanted to add some thoughts that went through my mind on the topic of resolutions.

The first question that popped through my mind was, “Isn’t anyone satisfied with their best efforts?”  I read one particular article or post that stated how everyone starts off with a resolution, but a very low percentage ever follows through. This makes me think even further about question number one and moves me to my second thought, which is that I assume these new year’s resolutions are something people don’t really want to do; they just feel they should do it…there’s a big difference between want and should.  Don’t you think?

As for my resolution, I wanted to finish the final part to my trilogy on The Best Decisions Ever Made, which is what I did, and am going to post today.

Welcome 2012 – photo by FNM (luna12780)

Welcome 2012!  May it bring us all peace of mind and a step closer to what we wish for in our lives (if not all the way there =D)!


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