Money 2

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As mentioned in my Money post the following is a quote from Nationalokonomie und Philosophie by Karl Marx translated by Erich Fromm and quoted in his The Sane Society book.

“Money … transforms the real human and natural powers into merely abstract ideas, and hence imperfections, and on the other hand it transforms the real imperfections and imaginings, the powers which only exist in the imagination of the individual into real powers.  … It transforms loyalty into vice, vices into virtue, the slave into the master, the master into the slave, ignorance into reason, and reason into ignorance … He who can buy valour is valiant although he be cowardly…. Assume man as man, and his relation to the world as a human one, and you can exchange love only for love, confidence for confidence, etc.  If you wish to enjoy art, you must be an artistically trained person; if you wish to have influence on other people, you must be a person who had a really stimulating and furthering influence on other people.  Every one of your relationships to man and to nature must be a definite expression of your real, individual life corresponding to the object of your will.  If you love without calling forth love, that is, if your love as such does not produce love, if by means of an expression of life as a loving person you do not make of yourself a loved person, then your love is impotent, a misfortune.”

Money2 – photo by FNM (luna12780)

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