Thanksgiving Week and Gratitude


This week started with my Thanksgiving Week and Thankfulness post.  On this second day of thanks I would like to express my gratitude to my blog readers, fb and twitter followers, to my LinkedIn groups, and other online readers who make the words I write hold meaning, who help make my dreams come true and who support my efforts;  and of course to my loved ones too, who also support me on this endeavor and journey. 

Flowers of Appreciation - photo by FNM (luna12780)

“Significance is given by the individual, but when trying to share ideas and feelings, make a statement, a difference, to reach out to others; these all require the receiving side if they are to hold value.  If it weren’t for writers expression would not exist, but if it weren’t for readers there would be nothing to express.”

Thank you for giving my words meaning beyond my own; may they be received and assist in the way I hope(d) they would and should.



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