The Contradictions of Man


” … But powerful as the sexual drive and all its derivations are, they are by no means the most powerful forces within man and their frustration is not the cause of mental disturbance.  The most powerful forces motivating man’s behavior stem from the condition of his existence, the “human situation.”
    Man cannot live statically because his inner contradictions drive him to seek for an equilibrium, for a new harmony instead of the lost harmony with nature.  After he has satisfied his animal needs, he is driven by his human needs. …. All passions and strivings of man are attempts to find an answer to his existence or, as we may also say, they are an attempt to avoid insanity.” – Erich Fromm


2 comments on “The Contradictions of Man”

    1. A little late, but better than never I suppose 🙂 A great humanist indeed and I love his work; definitely brought a lot of insight my way, and keeps bringing more as I read through more of his works. Thanks for sharing Danny!

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