Our Conflicts Unresolved

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Some of the biggest questions most humans pose throughout their lifetime at one point or another are things like: why is life so hard sometimes?  Why do we have ups and downs even when everything in our daily life is good?  How is it that some people who have everything that can make their life more than just comfortable are miserable?  Is it possible that humans are never satisfied?  Are we really that greedy?  These are only some of the questions that came to mind, but there are many more that fall within this category of humanity and existence, our eternal dilemma.  A quote from Erich Fromm‘s The Sane Society may shed some light to these types of queries.  Even though the questions vary in type, the main point is always the same: the human conflict.

The problem of man’s existence, then, is unique in the whole of nature; he has fallen out of nature, as it were, and is still in it; he is partly divine, partly animal; partly infinite, partly finite.  The necessity to find ever-new solutions for the contradictions in his existence, to find ever-higher forms of unity with nature, his fellow men and himself, is the source of all psychic forces which motivate man, of all his passions, affects and anxieties.

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1 comments on “Our Conflicts Unresolved”

  1. You can really tell that humanity is not aligned with the force of nature. All of our society is built on egoioc control and selfish over consumption of mother nature. All the technology which promised a utopina lifestyle has people totally disconnected from nature and people. It is the reason that mental illness such as depression is higher in developed countries and is continually on the rise.

    I am not saying that technology is the evil or nothing, however I wish we could use it more responsibly and with an intention to benefit nature and all of humanity. Not the big spending over consumerism attitude that is dominant now.

    Hopefully people will realize that a return to a more balanced and respectful relationship with mother nature will benefit both us and the Earth.

    Keep on sharing you ideas and insight, cause they are good ones. =)

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