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Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 2 – Inner Growth Begins With A Choice Between Hurt and Love

Exploring how inner growth begins with a choice between hurt and love; what it means to choose hurt and/or fear or love and/or trust in you, your inner core, and life; in what ways inner growth gets you to raise your consciousness so that you notice the difference between hurt and love long-term; and how this awareness of your inner core’s choice and the difference between when you choose inner growth or inner conflict leads to unlimited or limited potential for you depending on your choice.

Inner Growth Thought of The Day 317 – The Importance Of Sending Love To Those Who Choose Fear

Sending love to those who choose fear is a very important part of your inner growth journey and the pursuit of your unlimited potential because it is only through having unconditional love towards everything and everyone in life that you have the same for the true you: the you from the heart, your essence, your inner core; all that you uncover through inner growth.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 205 – Active

A look at the things you’re most active with in your day-to-day and the passions you pursue through your being active allow you to be aware of the level of energy and enthusiasm you hold for each task. With this awareness you pursue inner growth as you look to do more of what you’re active in and less of that which doesn’t bring about the same level of energy required to be active.

Avoiding to take out frustrations or a bad day on somebody else

A couple days ago I had an interesting conversation that sparked my thoughts for today’s Wednesday Wisdom post. The story first ~ I was at a café in Pozzuoli (near Naples, Italy) getting an espresso and asking about how payment for the parking lot worked. The signs that explained the regulations were confusing as to what the costs were depending on the day and time.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 157 – Stigma

Exploring the stigmas you apply to others or that are applied to you allow for an understanding of where your opinions on a type of person or group of people stem from; or when applied to you, it provides you with insights on the people that make such statements. This awareness allows you to change your stigmas, remove them completely if you wish to do so, as well as avoid taking stigmas personally when others place you in those categories. All of this information allows inner growth since it brings you to reflect, at a deeper level, on the things you say or that are said to you based on those stigmas.