Author: Maria Florio

Inner Growth Word of The Day 48 – Lie

To lie to others is something you are aware of, but to lie to yourself isn’t as easy to recognize. When you find yourself in a situation that makes you unhappy or gives you mixed feelings, and you keep telling yourself it’s not true or you make excuses for the situation, but don’t take actions to change how you feel about it; this is your queue that you’re lying to yourself. This is where your inner growth exploration begins. Find out why you’re lying and you will learn a lot about yourself, as well as find your way to your truth.


Stepping outside your comfort zone without staying stuck in the uncomfortable feeling

Pushing yourself to do something that’s outside of your comfort zone can help you take steps forwards in different areas of your life. I’m not talking about something that can hurt somebody or yourself, but something outside of your comfort zone that you don’t want to do because maybe you think you can’t do it or simply because you’ve always never done it. The situations I’m talking about take place kind of naturally, life brings them about and gives you the opportunity to contemplate taking that step.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 46 – Reaction

If you look at your reactions and explore them with questions of whys and how comes, you can arrive at an understanding of yourself, with that knowledge you can also decide if you’re ok with your present state in responding to events and situations or if you you’d rather transform them.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 45 – Mindset

When it comes time to look within, knowing what type of mindset you have helps you to understand that within. At the same time, your mindset also determines the attitude and outlook you’ll have when contemplating your inner self and/or when facing the events that take place around you.

Inner Growth Word of The Day 43 – Positivity

Positivity helps you to be more at ease when the unexpected comes your way; making learning lessons visible and easier to take in. You can also look to inner growth through an internal exploration of your positivity that may be greater in certain circumstances versus others.