Thanksgiving Week and Thankfulness


I would like to share some of the things I am grateful for this week; after all it is the week of Thanksgiving, and I also thought it would be something nice. I start my thanks with thanking all the special people in my life,

Thank you - photo by FNM (luna12780)
Thank you - photo by FNM (luna12780)

“Thank you for always being there for me. I am truly blessed to have you! If it weren’t for you I’d have no memories, no moments; no sparks. After all, what is a smile if you can’t share it with someone? Life exists with or without you, but you add an unquantifiable amount of joy and love to my everyday existence. Thank you from the deepest part of my soul and heart!”

Roses - photo by FNM (luna12780)
Roses - photo by FNM (luna12780)

I know some people have complaints and criticism for the day of Thanksgiving, but I like to think that any holiday and special day is one that can be a reminder to us of all we should appreciate in life, of all the loved ones that surround us and of all the luck we may have in our lives and in helping others in theirs.  I do not need a holiday to share my love and appreciation to my loved ones, but I will take advantage of it to repeat it to them over and over again, so that they may never feel taken for granted, ignored or unappreciated.



14 comments on “Thanksgiving Week and Thankfulness”

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    1. Thanks Weareliterarycritics. I’m happy to know others feel the same way and that my post was enjoyed :). I read your post too (earlier today) and I found it filled with kindness, care, and hope; it was heartwarming to say the least. Have a Happy Thanksgiving week and day!

    1. Thanks Jenny for sharing your excitement and week of Thanksgiving posts too. I checked out your blog, I love it! I will be looking tomorrow too, to see what else you have to add :).

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