Thursday Poets Rally



The coolest sea breeze
The luke warm water
The ocean’s aroma in the air

The warmth touches bodies
The wetness sits and waits
The blowing winds put all at peace

The heavenly town
The smiling faces
The relaxation bug is here to stay

It touches the face
It warms the heart
It relaxes the body


I nominate The Blank Wall for week 19 – Thursday Poets Rally


23 comments on “Thursday Poets Rally”

  1. All of the sensory words really bring the scene to life. Great job! I can almost smell the ocean and feel that breeze.

    Also, thanks for the kind words on my poem πŸ™‚

  2. Please visit poets who were here for you to return compliments,
    let me know after you have commented for 12 fresh poets.

    many thanks.

    1. Hey Jingle I visited 12 fresh poets the other day. I put the post on the page for Thursday Poets Rally week 19. Did you want me to visit other 12 poets? Let me know πŸ™‚

  3. I like this one; tercets always grab me. You’ve painted a picture just a few words, which many aspiring poets struggle to do. Nice one


    More than Luke Warm

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