It’s interesting how people seem to forget to be objective. I hear things that I thought were only myth. Instead they are quite real, and the worse part is that they come from people you’d think wouldn’t think that way. We expect stereotypes and generalizations to come from people with a bit less culture, education and lived life; but that’s totally wrong. The more years go by, the more it becomes factual worldwide. Political and religious views, sporting events, and many more dividing matters have a hard time remaining objective to the people siding with a particular sector. We all form our own opinions, but some people go to such extremes that you have to wonder how did they come to it!?

A perfect example (it happened to come up a couple days ago in a conversation) is people who disapprove with military bases around the world. The tendency seems to be to think or claim the military bases in Europe are there to help “maintain” the European countries. I mean come on people, are you serious!!! It is 2010, Europe is stable and the economic gain isn’t huge. The only other time I encountered this comment was in college. May I remind you that my major was political science and therefore, so was this person’s. I thought to myself, “What world does this guy come from? Isn’t he supposed to be educated? Especially in this field!?” I don’t know how the bigger picture isn’t clear. Bases aren’t put in other countries to help them economically, especially when these countries are economically and politically stable. They are there for strategic purposes, it’s that simple. Also, countries don’t usually invest such man power and money only for benefaction. It’s almost always two-way, especially when it comes to politics; not because they’re mean or selfish, but because financially they have a country of their own to take care of.

It would be nice if we could always do things for charity, but unless you’re rich, that luxury is absent. Countries take care of their citizens, who pay taxes and keep the economy going. Countries don’t have an indefinite amount of money from their own pockets, it’s the citizen’s money; therefore it is and should be used to bring stability and well-being to those people. We know this isn’t totally true either because of the country folk that are unhappy, protest, and are poor. However, all governments try to obtain their citizens’ well being and happiness (hopefully), that’s why they’re there. So how is it that we get people thinking that governments are present in other countries, that are stable, to help keep stability and aid in that country?

I’m sure they help the country’s economy through rent of land, gas for cars, some employment, and little things like these; but to conclude that a base is in a country to give it money and aid, when the country’s situation is the same to the country that has the base there, is unthinkable to me. The only answer is lack of objectivity of the people thinking and stating such things.

Any thoughts? I would love to expand on the topic and learn from you.


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