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It’s easy to look at something, but it’s not easy to understand it. It is easy to think you’ve understood it, when all you’ve really done is looked at it.
Things we see are formed in multiple layers. Black and white do exist, but both are a combination of all colors, therefore not only and exclusively one thing. Behind their structure comes a whole scientific process or effect, if we may say that.
If you kill someone it is true that you have killed; that’s your action, but to understand why you did it is to hope and stop it from happening again. It’s not meant to justify the action, only meant to resolve it.
The problem is that humans tend to see from their perspective and their perspective only, which makes it hard to look at something with other eyes. We also tend to fear what is different from us and act upon those fears.
We forget though that as inhabitants of this planet we are all interconnected, we all affect each other; and we all want the same thing. It’s always easier to see at a short distance versus a greater one. This tendency applies to our actions as well. How else can you explain the non-cooperative factor in so many good ideas to help the planet and human relationships? A perfect and simple example is recycling. An easy task incentivized by the government through various means, one of these being money; yet still not enough to get people to recycle consistently. Maybe punishment would be the solution to making it work; and then we say we want freedom. How can you obtain it if you can’t do something as simple as recycle, which in the end benefits us and our children and our children’s children?


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