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Thoughts always go through our minds and I enjoy sharing mine with you. I hope to hear your thoughts.

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We are all individuals that are part of this great universe. We think we are independent to ourselves, but in reality we are all connected. Our actions create a reaction and that reaction causes an effect.

You would think that one little action only affects your small circle, in reality it is like dominos. Once someone told me that the body is made up of many cells; they are all individual and unique to their own, but in the end they all help the human body do whatever it is it has to do, and for us it’s the same thing.

Whether you believe it or not, all your actions in time will have a much greater impact on the world than you think. We like to separate ourselves from others, to think that we are one group and they another. We get defensive, aggressive, and accuse others of doing things we don’t…I assure you that they are doing and thinking the exact same thing.

If we don’t think union, one, whole…we will never be one and in the end we are really negating what is true…that we are all part of this universe and interconnected.


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