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Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 308 – When Something Just Doesn’t Make Sense

Exploring when something just doesn’t make sense; how to make sense of it and expand it through an inner growth mindset; what inner growth comes from an inner exploration on that something that doesn’t make sense; why it always begins and ends with us and raising our consciousness to us; the role your heart and mind make in the experience; and how learning, loving, and open heart towards you and life, and that something transforms anything that initially doesn’t make sense to something that does make sense even without knowing about it.


Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 307 – The Path To Enlightenment From The Heart

Exploring the path to enlightenment from the heart; how it transforms your life forever; what inner growth has to do with it; why opposites, extremes, and the essence of life are also part of the path to enlightenment from the heart; and why it’s a raising of consciousness to you, the essence of you, the heart of you, the life of you, and much, much more that includes unconditional love for self, others, and the world.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 306 – You Can Focus On You Or Others

Exploring how you can focus on you or others; the difference with a focus on you versus others; how inner growth directs you towards this focus; the benefits that take place in life with a focus on you; and why this choice of self-focus leads you to self-empowerment, the realization of all you want to do in life, and the solution to any challenge you encounter along the way.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 305 – What Is True Self-Empowerment

Exploring what true self-empowerment is; how to distinguish between true self-empowerment and areas where self-empowerment can grow; what inner conflict and the external have to do with the self-empowerment you can truly reach; how inner growth gets you there by giving you an open and loving mindset to think from as you raise your consciousness to go beyond the initial place you begin your explorations from and to connect to your heart (emotions) to work with them; and how true self-empowerment doesn’t involve the external; it is based on an inner conversation of mind and heart after the “fact”.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 304 – People Will Remind You Of What They Think Of You

Exploring how people will remind you of what they think of you and the opportunity for inner growth that comes from this; why going within and deciding who determines what you are is what you want to do when you find yourself in these situations; how unconditional love for self and others is a part of the process; and what it means to know who you are from the heart, while accepting that others may always have a different opinion on the matter.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 303 – What Makes Something Special

Exploring what makes something special; whether it’s “good or bad” it can be special when in a learning mindset mode, an inner growth mode; how having a child’s outlook on things brings you to see everything as special and how this affects your day-to-day; why making something special is always a choice; and how this choice through inner growth and raising of your consciousness to you, the essence of you and heart, allows you to tap in to the power you hold from within to make your life whatever you wish it to be.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 302 – Having Complete Faith In You From The Heart

Exploring having complete faith in you from the heart; what this means; how inner growth plays a role; where unconditional love is placed and how the external is included in this unconditional love; all the opportunities that arise from inner conflict for your faith in yourself from the heart to grow; and the beauty of this continuously expansive potential and raising of consciousness journey where you ascend and awaken from the heart completely to the pure essence of you, your heart, and of life.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 301 – Facing Harsh Truths With Love In The Forefront

Exploring facing harsh truths with love in the forefront; why love is so important in these moments; the inner growth that comes with raising your consciousness to your heart in these moments when life happens; taking the power you hold from within to make something out of an experience that involves a harsh truth; and how life doesn’t have to happen with this feeling of helplessness, if you access the love that is within you in every life moment.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 300 – How Deep Will You Go To Stand By Who You Are

Exploring how deep you can go to stand by who you are from the depths of you and your heart; in what ways inner growth gets you to take the in-depth route; how it’s a choice only you will make of how deep you will go; and how this choice is always something you make with or without inner exploration, but why going within consciously makes a difference.

Inner Growth Exercise of The Day 299 – Helping The People You Love From Afar

Exploring helping people you love from afar; dealing with unknowns of the situation or disconnect; acceptance of love and connection with how things are; pursuing inner growth as you find a way to help from a distance; acknowledging aspects outside of you that are not in your control; and processing feeling helpless based on your heart-felt beliefs within.