Staying calm when angry can avoid getting burnt and results in positive living

In response to an interesting point on anger made by @affirmyourlife on Twitter (@affirmyourlife: Speak when you are angry and you’ll make the best speech you’ll ever regret. – Dr. Laurence J. Peter), which I replied to (@luna12780: “That is very, very true…unless one is able to maintain their calm and clarity even while angry.”), my #inspirational #quote of the day (on anger) was born:

Anger under control doesn't burn - photo by FNM

Anger under control doesn’t burn – photo by FNM

“Anger can burn us in and out. Learn to care for your fires. This way they will keep you warm, but not burn you.” – FNM

What are your thoughts? Do you feel calm even when angry or do you lose control?  Have you ever met anyone who can stay calm although they are angry?